Too low?

I'm going to go with yes! I hope this dude has some air-bags or some shit in that lil cockroach looking vehicle. What kind of incline was that? A piece of fucking cardboard? Too low my friend!

  • urapnes1701d March 30, 2013

    Pretty cool that he was able to get it that low, but even the weight of an anorexic GF will cause that to bottom out.

  • vulture March 30, 2013

    like to see him drive that over some speed humps

  • crazyvet March 30, 2013

    Bet he is wondering why all his friends are laughing at him.

  • frankdrebin March 30, 2013

    nothing is too low for a russian

  • biggertalk March 30, 2013

    errday i'm hustlin

  • rockinron March 30, 2013

    i'd love to hit my nieghbors yippity fucking poodle with it!!

  • onetime42 March 30, 2013

    Almost as gay as his butt buddies wearing skinny jeans helping him push his shitbox car.

  • ouch March 30, 2013

    What kind of little dick mother fucker does it take to do something this fucking retarded!

  • handsomedevil March 30, 2013

    "errrday," huh, biggertak?Lol funny cockhead. but seriously, russkies, leave low riding to the mexicans.

  • ghosthunter March 30, 2013

    Low rider.. what are you mexican or russian.

  • thestrangler March 31, 2013

    In Soviet Russia cars drive YOU!

  • donunderstan March 31, 2013

    How you gonna haul dead hookers in the Ivan?

  • dozer67 April 1, 2013

    lowering a car makes it better at times, this aint one of them.

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