WTF is this about?

This guy must've validictorian! He is the epitome of slick! Light on the feet too! What a fucking bag of shit! He's got a gut like half of you fuckers! What was he trying to do? Get some swiss-cake rolls? I know it wasn't for Twinkies! R.I.P!

  • johnhancock March 30, 2013

    I still don't know if that was a guy or a girl....

  • urapnes1701d March 30, 2013

    Check in Jay's desk drawer. In there you'll find spotted lounge pants, a V neck T shirt, a puke green long sleeve shirt, some panty hose, and a pair of Power Puff girls underwear.

  • crazyvet March 30, 2013

    He's just trying to act like a nigga and it didn't work very well.

  • frankdrebin March 30, 2013

    what an idiot - there's no need to run when you could just drive your house/hideout right up to the store

  • biggertalk March 30, 2013

    fuckin white people tryin to steal shit!

  • the_aristocrat March 30, 2013

    He was late for the blue bus.

  • shitbox March 30, 2013

    That window kicked his ass

  • rockinron March 30, 2013

    gonna be braging how they had a pitbull and an armed gaurd to his friends

  • onetime42 March 30, 2013

    @urapnes1701d Add to that list a strap on dildo with signatures down the length if it like a cast on a broken arm.

  • ouch March 30, 2013

    lol Insane clown posse has really let themselves go

  • handsomedevil March 30, 2013

    was that a gut, a gunt, or did the bastard have a chubby?

  • ghosthunter March 30, 2013

    See, black people are better at this.

  • pizzapie March 31, 2013

    Dumb fucker shows his face, then covers it up. Stupid is only skin deep

  • angelb March 31, 2013

    clowns get grumpy when u borrow their make up and forget to give it back

  • dozer67 April 1, 2013

    Why can't this goon go play on the expressway..

  • gunz April 2, 2013

    urapnes would know, he's been trying on those pantyhose and sniffing those spotted loungepants for months. fuckin creep

  • china_mike December 2, 2016

    He thought it would just shatter. When it didn't, he freaked out.

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