The Bridge Jump Wedgie

Ssshhhhh, did you hear that? If you listen very closely, you can hear his asshole tear. I'm thinking a new extreme sport has just been created. They'll have to design some special and super strong underwear for it.

  • marcodufour April 2, 2013

    Forest Gump says " Stupid is as stupid does "

  • m1009 April 2, 2013

    You sure as hell ain't getting her number now after she heard you screaming like a little bitch

  • rockinron April 2, 2013

    pretty sure this guarantee's the only sex he ever gets again will be up his ass.

  • 2indastink April 2, 2013

    looks like Harry from Dumb and Dumber, and sounds like the pig I was fucking last night.

  • vulture April 2, 2013

    yes i can see this taking off as a new sport..e all you thickos queue up to exit the gene pool

  • thunderbutt April 2, 2013

    Better off not being able to reproduce anyway.

  • blnunderdog April 2, 2013

    what a attentionwhore

  • sleeko April 2, 2013

    Now, why would a chick want to give their number to a guy with his nuts in the back of his throat?

  • donunderstan April 2, 2013

    Leave him hanging there. Sydney Australia, the white mans Fallujah.

  • shitbox April 2, 2013

    He should be gagged with that same pair of shitty underwear

  • biggertalk April 2, 2013

    should've done it on a giant cliff or something not a gay ass bridge

  • urapnes1701d April 2, 2013

    Gives me an idea!... Only with a Noose and Niggers.

  • immanuelkunt April 2, 2013

    Every pathetic fuck puke in this generation needs his gross ltitle apple sack ripped off. Fast.

  • handsomedevil April 2, 2013

    when did getting shit faced and laid become not enough fun?

  • randus62 April 3, 2013

    and the newest cast member of the Saprano's

  • spaulding April 3, 2013

    You're supposed to put the rope around your neck, like the Mexican's did.

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