Witch one?

All three of them! So, I gather, Kenya ain't the place to be accused of being a witch. That's good to know as I already have plans to never go there. But, I will enjoy there special blend of....humanity? They ain't the brightest....but I guess it works for them.

  •   crazyvet April 21, 2013

    Must have been fresh out of old tires.

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  •   rockinron April 21, 2013

    fucking animals!!! throw in some rap music and a bunch of crack and some cars with ridiculous rims on them and you have the exact same fuck heads in any major city in the usa!!

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  •   rockinron April 21, 2013

    i got no problem with public execution but nobody deserves to be burned alive hopefully these fucking animals learn that some day. but its doubtfull

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  •   vulture April 21, 2013

    trial by fire...if you survive your a witch if you dont then we're sorry

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  • marcodufour April 21, 2013

    If they were really witches i think they would have turned all the onlookers into tadpoles, so i guess they weren`t witches then.

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  • woozlewuzzle April 21, 2013

    I have seen a million beheading's on this site but this shit is hard to watch.

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  • 2indastink April 21, 2013

    Which U.S state was this filmed in ????

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  • biggertalk April 21, 2013


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  • tonyk April 21, 2013

    You have to be a stupid mother fucker to even believe in witches in the first place. What does that say about them?

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  • donunderstan April 21, 2013

    Don't forget folks, give to C.A.R.E and Save the Children foundation so these fucking savages eat enough to have the strength to do this shit. $1 a day is all they need.

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  • xizang April 21, 2013

    That's how Democrats deal with Republicans and Libertarians in Kenya.

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  • xizang April 21, 2013

    Obama family barbecue in Kenya?

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  • jamesb April 21, 2013

    This is the same shit some monkeys do when one steps outside the social norm. Only thing that brings them one step up the evolution ladder is they know how to make tools.

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  • outamyskull April 21, 2013

    It'd serve those mofo's right if the fire spread and burned their village down. I wouldn't even wish that treatment on the Boston bombers.

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  • the_aristocrat April 21, 2013

    Local election.

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  • psaphier April 21, 2013

    Just got invited to a BBQ in Kenya... I think I'll pass!!!

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  • celtickhan April 21, 2013

    the crucible indeed!

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  • imadopted April 21, 2013

    I think I saw one of my tshirts my mom gave away when I was a child.

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  •   handsomedevil April 21, 2013

    one of the husbands of the victims was quoted as saying:"it was the first time she's cooked in years. burn the lazy bitch!"

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  • drtyrell April 21, 2013

    the Obama family reunion.

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  • fingers April 21, 2013

    Wow all those monkeys and I never heard nigger or mother fucker once.

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  • zmolez April 21, 2013

    Damn they are a very advanced society....stupid fucking monkeys

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  • honkie365 April 21, 2013

    OK, lets see. They mastered making tools AND making fire all in one day. These must truly be an advanced people.

    Why doesn't this qualify as a hate crime?

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  • mcgaugh57 April 21, 2013

    These are good christian solders

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  • kermitt April 21, 2013

    Your Grandma and my grand-ma sitting by the fire! Your grandma to my grandma gonna set your 'clan' on fire! Talk about,,,,,???????

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  • crzyshitvoyeur April 21, 2013

    I'd like to take that fucker in the stripped shirt and stick a lit log up his ass. He's guilty of whatever they are and trying to cover his ass up by burning the witnesses. Hope he chokes to death on rhino shit.

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  • catharsis41789 April 22, 2013

    You're Kenyan... fucking run. (Stupid Africans)

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  • rodeye2 April 22, 2013

    It's a good thing for Obama that he lied his way out of there.

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  • crazyasshole April 22, 2013

    niggers killing niggers is the best thing i could ever imagine !

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  • sirpussalot April 22, 2013

    Three down 30 billion to go!

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  • showmeurtits April 22, 2013

    That's not how you beat a nigger... Fucking amateurs!

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  • morbuis669 April 22, 2013

    You're suppost to tie them to a stake fucking dumbshits!

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  • sleeko April 22, 2013

    And these apes are only a 7 hr plane ride from downtown NYC. And the only thing stopping them is our border patrol.

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  • immanuelkunt April 22, 2013

    I'm thinking maybe the only difference between us and them ain't just skin color.

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  • cmichaelp April 22, 2013

    Great, just what i wanna smell Burnt Coons.

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  •   pizzapie April 22, 2013

    That's the second time they burned the same people

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  • chipship April 24, 2013

    Fuck Africa...just on my mind after watching that.

    Any more backround story? Shit pisses me off.

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  • beachbootyman May 18, 2013

    And To think my mother wanted to travel there.What abunch of Backward,Ignorant,stupid Monkeys motherfuckers.These People are not my ancestors.FUCK KENYA..FUCK AFRICA...and God Bless America.

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  • dreydog1983 August 22, 2013

    That was really hard to watch. I even watch the nasty killing on this but that guy sitting there was so hard to watch. Took way too long. It just looked like a bunch of elderly people. Theyre probably senial

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  • cynuckm February 6, 2014

    you got black monkey being roasted why not add a fucking white fucking trash on the side of the grill and let see which of this motherfucker's will be eaten first,is it the well done or the half cook? For me,all you fucking human's are taste the same shit,black or white, it don't make no difference,if you put 2 colors in the grill it will look the same motherfucking shit when you burn it, So fuck all of you human's

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