Shooting At Denver 420 Fest

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Adam H.
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You would think that a fest celebrating pot would be pretty mellow and peaceful, but not the 420 Fest in Denver. Niggas was shooting. Fortunately, since they can't aim, no real damage was done. Except now the media will say that marijuana causes violence.

  • coonboy April 22, 2013

    I cant even pee without sitting down when Im high. How the fuck you gonna shoot somebody?

  • vulture April 22, 2013

    on the good side at least it stopped that crap music for a while

  • kermitt April 22, 2013

    I had just got there when some Jackass fucked me out of free pot! Guess I'm gonna have to go to the dispencery. Dick!

  • marcodufour April 22, 2013

    That`s the fastest those fatties have run their whole life.

  • johnnyfreak April 22, 2013

    NRA is proud of this kind of citizen. More guns for everyone

  • morbuis669 April 22, 2013

    The media won't say marijuana causes violence, they'll say its the guns fault.

  • scherbatsky April 22, 2013

    Luckily not many people were there. They all got stoned and forgot to come.

  • biggertalk April 22, 2013


  • frankdrebin April 22, 2013

    "they shot me in mah lung yo, i'm loosin all da weed smoke"

  • sleeko April 22, 2013

    The feel the same way about rap music.

  • big_guns April 22, 2013

    So proud of my state.

  • crazyvet April 22, 2013

    Cops had more trouble herding stoners than a stampede of cattle.

  • drtyrell April 22, 2013

    I love the way that guy "got down" and assumed his injured position.

  • mothaflaka April 22, 2013

    Riddin spinnas, we riddin spinas, we .....oh nigggaz is shootin\"...thatz sum funny shit right there...+look, everybody runnin hella fast...they know mafukkuz gettin crazy now n dayz.

  • potrostation April 22, 2013

    Stonner might try to eat the gun,but shoot some one?

  • handsomedevil April 22, 2013

    there's always a heckler

  • zmolez April 22, 2013

    Why do niggers fuck everything up????

  • dubld April 22, 2013

    how did they miss those fat broads??

  • donunderstan April 22, 2013

    I want to shoot them in the head every time that cRAP music comes on and starts giving all the bloods the palsy fits.

  • honkie365 April 23, 2013

    I find it odd that there was an act of violence among a group of African American gentleman. Perplexing to say the least.

  • kabri2 April 23, 2013

    I like how most rappers rap about how hard they are, but this lot runs before they even know what's going on.

  • rockinron April 23, 2013

    can't take niggers anywhere these days they just gotta act like niggers if ya do.

  • ouch April 23, 2013

    You fucking Americans and your god dam guns. when the fuck are you going to grow up. the right to bear arms is fucking stupid and you know it.

  • ohwickedwendi April 23, 2013

    I want some bear arms...that would be cool. And who was that guy packing shit up in his duffel bag? I don't think he was part of the police unit.

  • unlimitdinches April 23, 2013

    Hard core Gangsta rapper became a bitch once he heard shots

  • eviscerate April 24, 2013

    ouch .. you mad bro? you pussies gave up all your guns. we'll be damned if we let our country do that to us. your shit country enjoyed a %200 increase in crime and armed robbery after the ban. you be a victim asshole. we'll keep our guns.telling us to grow up while you roll over, thats rich!

  • buttplugger April 25, 2013

    This is what happens when you get more than two niggers in a crowd.

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