Agent Anal Tear In Action

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Adam H.
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Smooth move, Agent Dipshit. Not only did you just get anally violated by a gate you failed to jump, but you also didn't need to jump it. It opens, dumbass. How did this putz get his job anyway?

  • graveyard April 23, 2013

    "Hey Bob stop being a pain in the ass, we got a case to work here"

  • iluvkitty April 23, 2013

    Adam sticks a pole up his ass while working too.

  • morbuis669 April 23, 2013

    Agent Tear Asshole! Oh wait the gate wasn't locked! He was trying to let us in all along.

  • tgarner April 23, 2013

    This is why most people in prison aren't that bright. Because anybody with a brain can get away from a dipshit like that!

  • vulture April 23, 2013

    should have got caught on both gates that would have stretched his ringer

  • frankdrebin April 23, 2013

    Nothing like a little anal tickle to get you in the mood to make an arrest

  • thunderbutt April 23, 2013

    Looked like a bulldyke to me.

  • scherbatsky April 23, 2013

    Part of the FBI's new Fucking Bumbling Idiot program.

  • donunderstan April 23, 2013

    Better bleach that spike before every stray dog in the hood starts howling at the gate.

  • kermitt April 23, 2013

    Inspector Clouseau best moment for the FBI!

  • biggertalk April 23, 2013

    like a boz nigga

  • clitpallet April 23, 2013

    Must be some sort of FBI ninja with all that stealthiness.

  • potts April 23, 2013

    ... I did that once, drunk and went to jump a gate which swung open underneath me... Only cut up my inner thigh but damn it was close to me nuts! - but I have an excuse, I was rubber duckied.

  • potrostation April 23, 2013

    "I'm getting a raging clue"

  • ohwickedwendi April 23, 2013

    After you graduate the FBI academy, they give you your congratulatory lobotomy.

  • beanerz0red April 24, 2013

    That's a nice way to push the frijoles.

  • handsomedevil April 24, 2013

    when asked how he felt about stopping crime, he replied: "i'm on the fence."

  • mothaflaka April 24, 2013

    Fuck the police wid a fence pole.

  • drbrownsteine April 25, 2013

    Scratchin ur ass like a pro.

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