She Can Make Her Big Ass Clap

She sure knows how to make her big ass clap, and she also knows how to talk dirty to her fans, which apparently she has a specific type. Don't feel bad, whiteys, you can all jerk off too.

  • siko666 April 24, 2013

    If your happy and ya know it, clap your ass !!! slap slap If your happy and you know it clap your ass !!!! clap clap....If your happy and ya know it, and your a greasy slut, If your happy and ya know it, clap your ass...slap slap !! ;)

  • rockinron April 24, 2013

    you can always tell when a bitch is white trash with a huge loose pussy. they only want monkey dick.

  • frankdrebin April 24, 2013

    they unchained django and he went straight to this bitch's shitty apartment

  • iluvkitty April 24, 2013

    This bitch would probably vote for Obama a 3rd time if she could.

  • donunderstan April 24, 2013

    Usually these kinda bitches have a bullet hole in the ass but I thing hers is in the small of her back surrounded by what appears to be a chimp bite.

  • donunderstan April 24, 2013

    And who's her clientele? Everyone knows blacks don't have credit cards.

  • vulture April 24, 2013

    with a big flappy arse like that only the blacks that would get turned on to this kind of crap

  • crazyvet April 24, 2013

    But can this stupid fucker open a beer bottle with her teeth.

  • gofkurself April 24, 2013

    keeper right here

  • m1009 April 24, 2013

    She must be using the wide angle lens to get that whole ass in the frame

  • spaulding April 24, 2013

    Once you go black, a white man won't take you back.

  • biggertalk April 24, 2013

    i'll be over to fuck it later you white skank

  • jamesb April 24, 2013

    I'm guessing she likes black guys.

  • crackerhater April 24, 2013

    Lol, digital cracker bigots, that's funny...You're all only speaking like that because you can't handle any type of ass that's not typical washed out, anorexic, rashy and pimpled, flat saggy dingy white. Lol, white color, washed out looking and covered in earth a bunch of digital fucking earth worms.

  • the_aristocrat April 24, 2013

    I can do that with my gut.

  • handsomedevil April 24, 2013

    well lube me up and call me a nigger because i'm not passing up an ass like that.

  • kermitt April 24, 2013

    If You're a "happy, skank, sult, whore, pig, cunt, sperm-bank, nig lova, brotha fucker, Ugly motha-fucka, Calp yo stinky ass!"

  • eviscerate April 24, 2013

    @crackerhater lol keep telling yourself that!

  • ohwickedwendi April 25, 2013

    Wow--that's better than my boob clapping video!

  • crazyshitisgay April 25, 2013


  • showmeurtits April 25, 2013

    No it isn't Wendy!

  • soulm8 April 25, 2013

    First comment just made my day ! Hahahaha

  • dozer67 April 26, 2013

    Keep it I don't want it....

  • kingsaul April 26, 2013

    Aww man I will rub my nigger dick!!! She does it for me

  • crazykim April 27, 2013

    You guys are really racist ignorant assholes

  • damdean May 7, 2013

    @spaulding.... y'all can't take her back cuz ya won't fit after a black man has his way with her

  • fuckupekerwood May 14, 2013

    You fucking little dick racist losers are full of shit. You'd all be balls deep in that pussy at the drop of a hat. And I bet this whore has a huge collection of giant black dildos, that she stretches them walls out with every night. She knows she loves black cock.

  • ko8e24 June 4, 2013

    This is the last time i let my penis pick a video

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