Hella Skillz!

Actually it'd be helo-skills...but whatever.... This pilot sure as fuck has some solid skills. This is from an accident in Norway and obviously they needed a doctor...so who did they radio? By the way, thanks Guglielmo Marconi. None other than a bad-ass helo pilot to fly him in.....I can't think of anyone in particular at the moment.

  •   crazyvet May 5, 2013

    U.S. Army pilots became very good at this type of hover landing in Panama, while making rescues along the sides of the Panama Canal. I flew with so many great pilots with balls of steel.

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  • frankdrebin May 5, 2013

    shit, do they deliver hookers too?

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  • cyi3eri3ully May 5, 2013

    Thats great and all but the assholes he rescued still cant drive. If afterward the chopper crashed with all of them inside, the world would be better off

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  •   rockinron May 5, 2013

    i know a vietnam vet that was a huey pilot. he said if a pilot can't hover in a 60 ft grid surrounded by rain forest 80-100 feet high while dropping ordnance and picking up wounded, then he's a fucking shitty pilot! best pilots in the world came outta that war.

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  • donunderstan May 5, 2013

    Dominoes is really serious about the whole 30 minutes or it's free shit.

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  • urapnes1701d May 5, 2013

    Jimmy Johns really does have freaky fast delivery!

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  • playhard24 May 5, 2013

    ^^^Yeah I heard that gay ass Jimmy Johns commercial yesterday.

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  • biggertalk May 5, 2013

    mad skillz brah

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  • fingers May 7, 2013

    I flew with guy named erik we called him air wreck. He had the balls but his brain wasn't up to the task. Northern mountain canned his ass after he cut down a tree will a bell 212 and then flew us back to camp with seriously dammaged rotors.

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