Asshole Causes Highway Accident

Look at this shit. We've got all kinds of angles to watch this crash. Of course the asshole who caused all this gets out of his car no problem. Everyone involved should take turns beating on him for being a major douchebag.

  • potrostation May 18, 2013

    The difference between looking sporty and having a sports car.

  • stevenh915 May 18, 2013

    see previous comment about hockey kids. . ..

  • biggertalk May 18, 2013

    2 Fast 2 Furious

  • m1009 May 18, 2013

    Video Camera's in cars cause accidents, dully noted.

  • englishgent May 18, 2013

    Typical stupid cunt in a French shit box thinking he's Fukin vin diesel.

  • dozer67 May 18, 2013

    crap car+ worse driver= poor person in SUV

  • rockinron May 18, 2013

    because it looks like a race car, don't make it a race car or you a race car driver, it actually makes you a douchebag for killing some little girls daddy and mommy because you wanted to look cool and thought you were richard petty!

  • jack1031 May 18, 2013

    that's how you slide into home plate

  • doc_ock May 19, 2013

    Asian drivers in Russia?

  • handsomedevil May 19, 2013

    i swear to god, it's always the biggest douchebags that have the nicest cars. cars should be sold based on merit. a playa like me would be in a maserati- "tell them coppers 'HAHAHA, you can't catch'em, you can't stop'em/we live by them goon rules: you can't beat'em then you drop'em.' "

  • dkgarr999 May 19, 2013

    web cam, bad music, and no air bag ... let me guess ... mother russia

  • donunderstan May 19, 2013

    20 bucks says he spilled his kim chi.

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