Fuck Yogi!

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Henry M.
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Now, I've seen all the videos of cars smacking deers and shit of the sort. Hell, I've got a first-hand account of that shit. But a bear? This is a first for me. That fucker gets nailed, tumbles, get's up, shakes it off and continues on his merry way.

  • siko666 June 1, 2013

    The repost king strikes again ! crazyshit/cnt/medias/38347-is-it-bear-hunting-season-already

  • 2indastink June 1, 2013

    Lick my saggy ball sack

  • theloonman June 1, 2013

    I can't bear to see this again!

  • m1009 June 1, 2013

    Damn i thought that bear would have learned from the other day, i'm starting to run out of cars

  • urapnes1701d June 1, 2013

    ...and he got up and walked away. Must have been on a vodka fueled rage.

  • downunder69 June 1, 2013

    proof that bears drink the vodka as well

  • mccracken June 1, 2013

    poor bastard...but you'd be fucked if he was chasing after you.

  • preferemshaved June 1, 2013

    Henry fuck all these repost haters. You've been across the pond so I forgive you.

  • vulture June 1, 2013

    i've had bear taste very nice...shame he got away

  • biggertalk June 1, 2013

    Fuck reposts!

  • donunderstan June 1, 2013

    Adam, Adam, Adam. Just because your wife can doesn't mean you get to phone it in. We are your discerning viewers.

  • tonyk June 1, 2013

    I wonder if that was the same bear that got hit Friday. Poor bastard.

  • rockinron June 1, 2013

    henry you keep re-posting this and that poor bears gonna end up dead one of these times!! leave the poor bastard be, he got away fair and square damn it!

  • solidbriscoe June 1, 2013

    I won't type what I typed the first time.

    Too bad it wasn't an elephant.

  • the_aristocrat June 1, 2013

    Thats two henry, lets see if you can get the trifecta.

  • unwell82 June 1, 2013

    Lmao Gotdamn henry.........you're about as fuckin special as they get.

  • bootstrap1504 June 2, 2013

    It's because he's there for the Club, Henry.

  • mothaflaka June 2, 2013

    The bear probably thought the period smell was coming from his car..ha.dumbass

  • planettorture June 2, 2013


  • dozer67 June 2, 2013

    That poor bear he keeps getting hit by cars or was this just a REPOST!?!

  • boafmabalzich June 4, 2013

    Only you can prevent FUCK!!!!!! (finishes rolling) Fuck this job I quit!

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