The Mesa Police Really Care

So that loud screeching and crashing was an asshole cop in an unmarked truck speeding through a red light, crashing into a vehicle occupied by a lady who he hurt, and then taking off to beat on a guy. That's some fine police work.

  • tgarner June 3, 2013

    I never seen so many midgets at one time!

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  • morbuis669 June 3, 2013

    Wow everyone is really short and fat in Mesa.

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  • kermitt June 3, 2013

    Having a little trouble Officers?

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  • marcodufour June 3, 2013

    Brought to you by Oompah Loompah Vision.

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  • meh June 3, 2013

    taser out of batteries?

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  •   rockinron June 3, 2013

    good thing the nigga didnt have a gun or the cop would have used his mini gun to clear traffic!

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  • damdean June 3, 2013

    Wow.... fuck the cops

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  • killtacular June 3, 2013

    too bad this shit didn't happen in Indiana, those cops would have been shot. It is now legal in the state of Indiana to shoot a cop in defense of a third party under 'rare' circumstances. I think a cop running a red light in an unmarked vehicle and injuring another motorist should qualify. Shoot that fucker in the kneecap. He won't be a cop anymore after that.

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  • biggertalk June 3, 2013

    Send that cracker whobe back to Europe!

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  • fitz-hume June 3, 2013

    ....did a Jap record this video?

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  • bigtalk June 3, 2013

    just more reason why crackers shouldnt walk on my earth and continue to steal my air there incompetent which make them useless FACT

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  • frankdrebin June 3, 2013

    i knew gang members had uniforms, but I didn't know they got numbers on them too. looks like #17 is going to the penalty box

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  • wardo56 June 3, 2013

    Fucking mud people

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  • cuda1179 June 3, 2013

    Seriously and honestly, depending on the infraction that the African American man did, there may not be any vilation of policy at all, and in fact he may be guilty of assault on an officer and resisting arrest.

    The woman that got fucked-up in the car on the other hand is pretty bad.

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  • kermitt June 3, 2013

    ^^^African American????^ A.A.s' have job's, pay taxes, law-biding, one wife,2.2 children a house-payment, and two cars! NIG; Does this, has no job, 6 baby-mamma 8 childer-ran, always say "know what I's saying, and HUH" after every question! FACT!^^^

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  • immanuelkunt June 3, 2013

    Love it: cops taking some assholes down and hauling their fucking asses to jail. HURT THEIR FUCKING ASSES! Resisting arrest with violence, oughta be good for two, maybe three years active time getting buttfucked by other scum, followed by about ten years of probation + paying the cops' expenses in stomping the shitball's balls. Next bunch of fucking fagot civilians step right up!

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  • immanuelkunt June 3, 2013

    Cops RULE you disgusting little bags of goatshit.

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  • mothaflaka June 3, 2013

    I didnt kno a gurella broke out..just keep tazin him..//put his mouth on the curb..street justice.

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  • englishgent June 3, 2013

    Was that a brownie getting arrested?? Jeez I've never seen that happen before, there usually such a calm, civilised and peaceful race aren't they?

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  • wesolay June 3, 2013

    aw man and i thought Greece was having a problem.there is a solution to this.

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  •   handsomedevil June 3, 2013

    Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo,/

    I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you./

    Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee,/

    If you are wise you’ll listen to me/

    How many pigs does it take to subdue./

    three fat honkies, and a reckless driver to boot."

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  • drtyrell June 3, 2013

    Let's hope we can fire every cop one video at a time.

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  •   potrostation June 3, 2013

    @ marcodufour: I wish I could give you more then just +1. My gut hurts a little from laughing. Thanks man.

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  • donunderstan June 3, 2013

    Where'd you get the camera? Wally World Fun House?

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  • playhard24 June 4, 2013

    If blacks were still slaves I would have at least 4 of them, and after a hard days work of drinking orange soda and selling drugs I would have them race each other for fried chicken and watermelon. Oh yeah and they are NOT allowed to play basketball, I will never get rest hearing that shit bounce 24/7.

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  •   vulture June 4, 2013

    i never knew there was a place in the U.S. for midgets with huge arses

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  • marcodufour June 5, 2013

    @ potrostation anytime buddy, good to hear you enjoyed it.

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