Sunday Scooter Accidents

We should take a little time every Sunday to give thanks for the great scooter accidents that happen every week around the world. Thank you developing nations like China and Russia for providing me with the deep belly laughs only stupidity on two wheels can provide. Thank you. Ohh and while we are at it. Thank you dash cams too!

  • crazyvet June 9, 2013

    Nothing new to see here folks.

  • solidbriscoe June 9, 2013

    The third was the best. I hope your head was crushed, dipshit.

  • rockinron June 9, 2013

    1!2!3! yoooour OUT!!!!

  • showmeurtits June 9, 2013

    I guess the next time you'll splurge for the model that has brakes!

  • biggertalk June 9, 2013


  • englishgent June 9, 2013

    I'm guessing the 3rd one resulted in a gory death. Will we see the aftermath tomorrow Jay?

  • kermitt June 9, 2013

    Why do 'THEY' always claim' They didn't see you? "I SEE YOU"!

  • doc_ock June 9, 2013

    #1 just a dumb ass

    #2 walked it off like a champ

    #3 suicide by scooter

  • ispewmalarkey June 10, 2013

    HOW is this a PSA?

  • oldrooster February 22, 2016

    I didnt think they had those kinds of accidents in Europe.

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