Deer Almost Made It

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Adam H.
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Bambi definitely chose a poor time to cross the road. And that would appear to be the last decision he ever made. The last is usually the worst. And now this guy is pissed because he isn't going to win the race. Fucking balls.

  • morbuis669 June 10, 2013

    Gotta love it when you don't even have to waste a bullet!

  • kermitt June 10, 2013

    Awwwww SHIT! Deer shit all over my car.

  • ptsd33 June 10, 2013

    Venison in Venice.

  • frankdrebin June 10, 2013

    radio back to the pit: "Our race is done boys, but I caught dinner. Gentlemen, start your grills"

  • rockinron June 10, 2013

    shit here in michigan at Michigan International Speedway they have a deer hunt and nascar race twice in the summer. those redneck drivers love coming to our track.

  • biggertalk June 10, 2013

    It didn't know what hit him!

  • stevenh915 June 10, 2013

    Doh !

  • solidbriscoe June 10, 2013

    What? This deer trying to show up the near that got hit a while back? Go speed racer.

  • m1009 June 10, 2013

    Almost only counts in Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades

  • englishgent June 10, 2013

    Poor deer should have stayed in the woods.

  • rawbone907 June 11, 2013

    Oh deer!!!

  • catharsis41789 June 15, 2013

    00:14-00:18 Am I just really high or does it seriously look like that deer just appeared out of fucking nowhere?

  • oldrooster February 22, 2016

    He payed deerly for his sunday drive.

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