The One That Almost Got Away

Nooooo, kid! What are you doing? That was God giving you a chance to get away from those perverts. They don't really have any candy in the van, and they aren't really taking you to Chuck E Cheese's. You had your chance for freedom and you blew it. Now I'm sorry to tell you you'll be blowing something else. Tough break, kid.

  • frankdrebin June 28, 2013

    Nice soundtrack... Pedo Van Halen?

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  • biggertalk June 28, 2013

    couldn't resist the free candy

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  • ptsd33 June 28, 2013

    Stockholm syndrome.... ran right right back into the arms of Chester the Molester.

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  • solidbriscoe June 28, 2013

    Bigtalk: FUCK!!! The kid fell out!!!

    Biggertalk: it's ok, he's climbed back in.

    Bigtalk: shut the fucking door!

    Both: I hope nobody saw that.

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  • englishgent June 28, 2013

    Fucked up old Transit van with fucked up back doors = kid falls out and fucks himself up? Maybe.

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  • donunderstan June 29, 2013

    He saw Roots. He knows what happens when you run. CHOP!

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  • doc_ock June 29, 2013

    In some countries, prison is better than freedom.

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  • rockinron June 29, 2013

    the bang bus is marketing to a different type of customer these days

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  • tuck8541 June 29, 2013

    That how easy my poop comes out!

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