Take Two Of These Mother Fucker

Here's a new cure the doc has been working on. A couple of punches should have him feeling better in no time. I mean the doc will be feeling better. Who gives a shit about the patient? The medical industry isn't about healing people. That would be ridiculous.

  • zahnfee July 4, 2013


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  •   rockinron July 4, 2013

    that was actually the cardiac surgeon that did his heart surgery. the man died on video a few minutes later from ruptured stitches on his aorta.

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  • johnhancock July 4, 2013

    I guess his heart was in the wrong place...

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  • frankdrebin July 4, 2013

    poor bane

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  • kermitt July 4, 2013

    They boast about having the best bedside manner. yeah BULLSHIT!

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  • spinal12 July 4, 2013

    zahnfee ain't that the damn truth, fuck obamacare.

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  • slippy July 4, 2013

    Probably an inmate the way he was strapped to the gurney. Too bad the doc punches like a little bitch though.

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  • biggertalk July 4, 2013

    fuck white people hating on obamacare

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  •   rockinron July 4, 2013

    you dont even know what it is so STFU biggermouth

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  • meh July 4, 2013

    this just in, that guy died after the punch. yeah, i read news

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  • biggertalk July 4, 2013


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  •   pizzapie July 4, 2013

    Russian anaesthesiologist Dr Andrey Votyakov lost his job after a video emerged of the shocking incident which happened in February.

    It shows the specialist hitting the middle-aged man in the face as he lay in his hospital bed before punching down on his chest.

    Dr Votyakov apologised for his actions, claiming he was tired after a 36-hour shift when the man began abusing him.

    ‘As soon as I came into the room with my team he started to call me various derogative names. And I just got blown away by it,’ he said.

    ‘We had spent so much time with his very complicated case to help him recover and he said not a single word of gratitude.

    ‘And then the chronic tiredness added to it. I got carried away, and I punched him several times.’

    The patient later died at the Federal Centre for Cardiovascular Surgery in Perm, with police investigating his cause of death.

    A police spokesman in Perm said: ‘We saw the video which went on Youtube. We are investigating it and checking the details of what happened.’

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  • showmeurtits July 4, 2013

    Biggertalk.. No surprise a brain dead fucktard like yourself would be in support of Obama & his socialist healthcare!

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  • drtyrell July 4, 2013


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  • killtacular July 5, 2013

    Looks like your moment of bad judgment not only got you fired, but is going to get you thrown in prison for 1st degree Murder.

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  • solidbriscoe July 5, 2013

    That guy that died reminds me of my dad...

    He was such a prick somtimes...

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  • ven0m89 July 5, 2013

    "That's what you get for breaking batman' s back cock smoker!"

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  • englishgent July 5, 2013

    If he was abusive to the doctors he deserved a smack!

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