Picking Off Protesters From The Rooftop

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Adam H.
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Egypt is getting jealous of all the attention Syria has been getting, so they stepped up their game as of late. Getting on the rooftop and picking off protesters is a good start to get those gore videos rolling. I'm sure we have many more to look forward to.

  • marcodufour July 9, 2013

    ♫ Bang bang they shot me down,bang bang they hit the ground, bang bang my baby shot me down ♫

  • kermitt July 9, 2013

    They just stand around like lost sheep. Take cover you dumb fucks!

  • vulture July 9, 2013

    oh look theres a man with a gun lets stay here and see if we get shot

  • morbuis669 July 9, 2013

    Just like sheep to the slaughter, I don't feel bad for them if their just going to stand there.

  • spike69l July 9, 2013

    at least the cell phone video is getting better. i guess the iphone i sold to allen achbar is working good.

  • tgarner July 9, 2013

    What's that job pay an hour?

  • frankdrebin July 9, 2013

    Sniper Bonus Level

  • tuffey July 9, 2013

    They shot the rapper MC Daleste!!!!!

  • kilo_g July 9, 2013

    Hey i dont think their bullets will reach us so lets stand here. Oh shit! That was a lucky one that caught wind, lets see if they can do it again!

  • boryem July 9, 2013

    Pop goes the weasel.

  • showmeurtits July 9, 2013

    This is the same thing I'm going to do when Zimmerman is found Not Guilty and the Negroids riot.

  • showmeurtits July 9, 2013

    Why in the fuck would you just stand there yelling Alan Ackbar when you see the dude popping rounds into the crowd?

  • crazyasshole July 9, 2013

    seems like a nice place to visit

  • biggertalk July 9, 2013

    Fight the power, man!

  • solidbriscoe July 9, 2013

    Look and take note... This is what happens when you want meat with your bread.

  • rockinron July 9, 2013

    There's something happening here

    What it is ain't exactly clear

    There's a man with a gun over there

    Telling me I got to beware

    I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound

    Everybody look what's going down

  • chipalip2049 July 9, 2013

    Good news is if you made it through the day without getting shot you will be handed a helmet with a chin strap because you are officially a retard.

  • englishgent July 9, 2013

    The Middle East....providing the world with entertainment yet again.

  • donunderstan July 9, 2013

    Someone give the shooter a full auto. Fuck this piecemeal onesie twosie shit.

  • pizzapie July 9, 2013

    Is it a big deal when you step on a few ants? Same thing here

  • potrostation July 9, 2013

    Poor Egypt she has to choose between the lesser of two crazies.

  • spaulding July 9, 2013

    let them kill each other.

  • dozer67 July 9, 2013

    In the news today the sun rises in the west and sets in the east..or something like that...

  • croccock July 11, 2013

    Coming to America soon

  • ibetdaddy July 11, 2013

    its even better with a bazooka

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