This Dog is Bad ass

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This dog is a bad ass. I wish I could get my dog to just do the "Pee on Mommy" trick. That's all I'm asking for. Actually, I should send my dog over to this dude, to teach him that. While he's at it, maybe he can get my dog to stop farting when we are in the same room. This dog here is part missile it looks like. Fucking dog is in the air like a flying squirrel.

  • crazyvet July 14, 2013

    Much smarter than your average raghead.

  • preferemshaved July 14, 2013

    Can he train my girlfriend? Price is no object.

  • xdekayx July 14, 2013

    talented or not, in asia his name is still "dinner"

  • potrostation July 14, 2013

    I'm still not buying a dog J.

  • woozlewuzzle July 14, 2013

    This dog is better then me.

  • xizang July 14, 2013

    That dog is smarter than all you guys put together.

  • Cory H. July 14, 2013

    No way that dude has a job.

  • immanuelkunt July 14, 2013

    Nothing that a good cop with a Glock .45 couldn't fix. In fact it would be sweet to watch that fucker try to cut a flip with a cap in his ass.

  • naktaa July 14, 2013

    ^^^i hate you

  • mikem1919 July 14, 2013

    If Trayvon Martin was trained like this, he would still be alive.

  • honkie365 July 14, 2013

    The dog is smarter than your average colored person. He knows how to swim (not bob up and down in the water like a tan turd), doesn't fuck up the place he lives and actually works for his meal.

    If you think the truth is racist, tough fucking shit.

  • biggertalk July 14, 2013

    Doggy! :)

  • kissarmy12 July 14, 2013

    i wanted eye of the tiger to be playing in the background ...this was so badass

  • bigtalk July 14, 2013

    just another cracker without a job FACT

  • killkenny July 14, 2013

    He's smarter than your average bear.

  • englishgent July 14, 2013

    Bigtalk, maybe the guys job was training dogs? FACT?

  • englishgent July 14, 2013

    @killkenny, the dog is smarter than most coons!

  • kermitt July 14, 2013

    WTF? What about get me a beer/ Lick my balls/ eat the peanut-butter/ Bite the bitch?! (Mom)

  • dozer67 July 14, 2013

    The only thing my dog does is shake and shit...

  • spinal12 July 14, 2013

    He’s smarter than your average biggertalk and bigtalk.

  • rockinron July 14, 2013

    you just know he trained him to lick his balls on comand!!

  • donunderstan July 15, 2013

    And yet my Pits still the Border Collie ate the fucker and and farted before they got near that fat stank.

  • tuck8541 July 15, 2013

    Jumpy, get me a 18yr old blonde virgin with a high sex drive! Good Dog!

  • crazyasshole July 15, 2013

    i love my dog with all my heart but i'm lucky to simply come home to a dog shit free home!

  • ven0m89 July 15, 2013

    Best video in a while

  • ohwickedwendi July 16, 2013

    That's Chuck Norris's dog.

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