Andrea Antonelli Killed On Racetrack

I've got a good idea. How about you guys race your motorcycles over 150 mph in wet and rainy conditions. What could go wrong? Besides getting run over and killed? Probably nothing.

  •   crazyvet July 23, 2013

    At least he made a Guiness World record slide before he died.

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  • onetime42 July 23, 2013

    It's a shame to see someone so young with that much talent pass away so quickly. RIP Andrea.

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  • marcodufour July 23, 2013

    Not the wet tag team he had hoped for.

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  • 2indastink July 23, 2013

    Nice speed bump lol

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  • bigtalk July 23, 2013

    so fucking what lets stick to whats really important who won

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  • onetime42 July 23, 2013

    ^^^ If I buy you a one way ticket to China and a moped will you go?

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  • bigtalk July 23, 2013

    sounds like you get way to much welfare

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  •   dozer67 July 23, 2013

    ^^^ontime has a job can you say the same?

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  •   dozer67 July 23, 2013

    Crazy even the car races wait till the pavement dries....

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  •   vulture July 23, 2013

    ^^^not in europe

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  • frankdrebin July 23, 2013

    anyone remember Road Rash on Playstation?

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  • doc_ock July 23, 2013

    He was doing great till he feel off the bike.

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  •   pizzapie July 23, 2013

    I went to Laguna Seca this weekend and they had a moment of silence for Andrea

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  •   potrostation July 23, 2013

    RIP Biker Bro.

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  • englishgent July 23, 2013

    RIP Andrea another racing talent lost too young.

    Hey Adam what's wrong with racing in the wet? I often do it on my blade its fun to do 150+ in the rain it tests the bike, your gear and your nerve.

    It also breaks the monotony of work, kids, bills ect and makes you feel ALIVE! Try it.

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  •   rockinron July 23, 2013

    on a lighter note atleast riders dont get road rash when the tracks wet.

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  •   potrostation July 24, 2013

    @ englishgent: There is a Zen like calm at 150+. I Can only hear my hart beat and the scream of the engine. It is equally terrifying and peaceful at the same time.Riding in the rain make my asshole pucker so hard it can suck a fart.

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  • biggertalk July 24, 2013

    Never heard of her. But RIP!

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  • boryem July 24, 2013

    Cool version of slip and slide.

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  •   rockinron July 24, 2013

    at 150mph telephone poles go by as quick as the broken yellow line in the center of the hwy does at 50mph!

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  • zmolez July 24, 2013

    Retards....why would they race in the rain???whoever kept the race on should be responsible

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  • englishgent July 24, 2013

    +1 Potro. You know what I mean then? lol.

    Quickest I've done was indicating 186mph on the bike speedo but there usually a bit wrong so a real speed of maybe 175mph or so.

    At that speed your adrenaline is pumping so hard, the wind is trying to take your head off and every muscle you have is being pushed to its limit just holding on.

    After a few miles of that, slowing back down to 80mph feels like walking speed eh? lol

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  • englishgent July 24, 2013

    Zmolez it rainfall the time in Europe! Shit has to carry on even bike racing. Have you ever seen wsb or motoGp?

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  •   potrostation July 24, 2013

    @englishgent: I road my kz1000r for a whole year strait to earn the badge "all season rider". Years later I occasionally find myself leaning into a turn while driving my car. lol

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  • englishgent July 24, 2013

    Yep it never leaves you. I had a 10yr break from bikes but in 2001 I just had to get another..and another...and another. It's in the blood. I too do that when driving my car. lol

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