Guy in prius knocks out sandals man

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There you have it folks, not every guy in a Prius is a pussy. Sure 99% are, but this is the one guy that isn't. I thought for a second, he wasn't going to cut the mustard, but in the end, he pulled out the man in side and well, knocked old sandal guy out. It doesn't hurt that sandal guy tried to fight like Anderson Silva. We all know how that went.

  • frankdrebin July 26, 2013

    they give priuses out as loaners?

  • crazyvet July 26, 2013

    He is just angry about what he has to drive.

  • onetime42 July 26, 2013

    Just because the name of the car has a lisp it doesn't make the driver a pussy.

  • marcodufour July 26, 2013

    Keep your hands up at all times stupid.

  • ven0m89 July 26, 2013

    His Kung foo was weak

  • sirfartsalot July 26, 2013

    He's still gay for driving a Prius.

  • kermitt July 26, 2013

    It's bad luck to beat-up a retard.

  • bigtalk July 26, 2013

    what did that cracker say at the end "dont you ever call me straight" BWHAAAAAAAAA

  • mkultra July 26, 2013

    driving away in a prius still makes him look like a queer

  • englishgent July 26, 2013

    This guy had a real bad day, first he had to drive a Prius, then he had to beat up a guy who presumably called him a faggot for driving said Prius. lol

  • rockinron July 26, 2013

    prius style is some bad ass martial arts

  • potrostation July 26, 2013

    Sure he won,but he has no chance out running the cops.Even the ones on bicycles.

  • tuck8541 July 26, 2013

    Sure he got knocked out, but he doesn't drive a Prius!

  • jinx75 July 26, 2013

    I bet he wont make fun of anybodys car again!!

  • biggertalk July 27, 2013


  • ohwickedwendi July 27, 2013

    My favorite person in this video is the guy who's doing the K/O countdown

  • dercian July 27, 2013

    it doesnt surprise me you were the only one who heard that bigtalk.

  • vaknama July 27, 2013

    that was a good left hook

  • handsomedevil July 27, 2013

    i'd rather walk

  • murkpsk July 27, 2013

    Pow! Right in the kisser!

  • boneyardsteam August 1, 2013

    That was two of the uglyest girls I ever saw

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