He's got them moves!

What a douche! First off...he's riding with his helmet in his hand, no shirt, etc.... But that's not even the main problem. He doesn't know how to fucking ride. What kind of fuck-wad crashes in a straight line with both wheels on the ground?

  • zahnfee July 29, 2013

    ....AAAAAAND Repost... u suck again

  • preferemshaved July 29, 2013

    I actually think you posted this yourself last week.

  • onetime42 July 29, 2013

    It's time for you to make the transition to Hospice, Henry. You have officially lost your fucking mind.

  • tgarner July 29, 2013

    Henry's working and we have a repost, I don't fucking believe it!

  • naktaa July 29, 2013

    I hate u henry :(

  • hippydouche July 29, 2013

    Ha ha, oh Henry!

  • bigtalk July 29, 2013

    henry i dont know if you repost cuz you dont give a shit or you just do it to piss the others off but either way you crack me up keep it up

  • crazyshitisgay July 29, 2013

    Don't worry, your boyfriend will kiss your wittle booboos...That's what you get for suckin dick gaywad... Of course, I wouldn't say that to his face... Fags got like, super human gay strength...

  • englishgent July 29, 2013

    Good lord my déjà vu is getting worse!

  • dozer67 July 29, 2013

    I don't remember much these days, but I can remember this is a repost, why can't you.???

  • rockinron July 29, 2013

    henry when your 70 just kill yourself, its gonna be much easyier than waking up every day doing the exact same thing you did yesterday. then again it will all be normal to you by then.

  • ptsd33 July 29, 2013

    Is he really that old^^^^^^^^

  • kermitt July 29, 2013

    Another one from Henry's finest moments! Good work chief, my gay-brotha bigtalk wants to know how well you suck dick. Now I can see why!

  • immanuelkunt July 29, 2013

    Maybe the stupid puke busted his ass again?

  • potrostation July 29, 2013

    I knew something was up. The clip played faster because it's still in the ram memory of my pc!

  • biggertalk July 30, 2013

    he's got them reposts!

  • ohwickedwendi July 30, 2013

    Repost, you moron. Jay, demote Henry!

  • brentos July 30, 2013

    Henry stays high hard to remember shit..

    as for the video, I think his fanny fag pack threw him off balance.

  • mcgaugh57 July 30, 2013

    LMFAO at douche bag punk Haaaaaaa

  • vulture July 30, 2013

    Henry you should have had a part in "ground hog day" you would have felt quite at home

  • boneyardsteam July 31, 2013

    Grab the sissy bar and ride bitch. You almost broke your pussy

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