Some friendly sex stats

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Henry M.
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Here's to you guys that troll websites all day long, just to complain. I figured, I'd look past your idiocy and douche-baggery and give you a one-up with any of the other basement dwelling turds. Some facts to take to troll-con or wherever....

  • crazyvet July 31, 2013

    I will never look at my kitchen utensils the same way again.

  • rockinron July 31, 2013

    well i'll be damn! who woulda thunk it!! me and my masive cock are actually porn stars!!!.........wait why don't my wife have big fake tits and isn't named after some kinda candy? and whys my fuckin bank account always empty. i think these stats are wrong henry.

  • kermitt July 31, 2013

    Another piece of useless information.

  • preferemshaved July 31, 2013

    I've never seen a porn with a guy rocking a 6 inch cock.

  • frankdrebin July 31, 2013

    Here's another fact - fuck chics in a porn, you get paid dude, have real sex, you're the one paying

  • mkultra July 31, 2013

    this video forgot that 1/3 world is asian so normal cocks are really 3-7in

  • vulture July 31, 2013

    must be a slow day on the beheading front

  • bigtalk July 31, 2013

    the hardest thing about real sex is acting like you want to see that person again

  • sparkles July 31, 2013

    Ya listening bigtalk?

  • ibetdaddy July 31, 2013

    sex fact i really don't care if you cum, as long as i get mine

  • sirfartsalot July 31, 2013

    It can all be 100% if you train them right.

  • crazyasshole July 31, 2013

    mmmmmm nutella feels great on my cock!

  • dozer67 July 31, 2013

    Porn is food? Food is porn? all I know is I'm hungry now..

  • dozer67 July 31, 2013

    Don't feed the troll, ignore bigtalk.

  • biggertalk July 31, 2013

    suckinron - "what is sex? i am 12 and what is this?"

  • solidbriscoe July 31, 2013

    I always thought you were a midget biggertalk.

  • englishgent July 31, 2013

    That was real good information for the talk twins. After all their only kids and kids need educating on these nasty sex things that grown ups do.

  • spaulding July 31, 2013

    All women will do anything you want, 100% of the time with a gun to their head.

  • boneyardsteam July 31, 2013

    Stupied horny fruit

  • bidge632000 August 1, 2013

    Think the facts are what women want you to think, but in truth they lie, about what they will do. and they will do a lot more than they say they will....

  • ohwickedwendi August 2, 2013

    I'll give bigtalk a +1 for that one.

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