You reap what you sow.

That's all there is to it. It's as simple as that. So, savor this long winded ass-whooping.

  • bigtalk August 4, 2013

    all i heard was OINK OOOOOOINK alright pigskins thats enough back to your pig pens

  • potrostation August 4, 2013

    If you act this black; can you use the N word?

  • mkultra August 4, 2013

    bunch of trailer trash trying to act ghetto. this is almost as pathetic as the vegan cum cuzzler

  • 2indastink August 4, 2013

    They're just niggers without the suntan...

  • longhungwong August 4, 2013

    Rosie O'Donnell's wet dream.

  • crazyvet August 4, 2013

    The white skinned niggers are starting to herd.

  • johnhancock August 4, 2013

    Yeah she came back after she lost fucking 300 pounds!

  • urapnes1701d August 4, 2013

    That house needs to be set on fire.

  • Cory H. August 4, 2013

    This is like a shitty foreign film where the voices don't match the actors. The bitches look white, but they sure as hell don't sound white.

  • chipalip2049 August 4, 2013

    That girl must have superhuman strength in order to pull that hippo off the couch like that by her hair.

  • boneyardsteam August 4, 2013

    Big girl would have walked all over dat ass if a grill cheese was involed

  • englishgent August 4, 2013

    These stupid bitches make me ashamed to be white.

  • ohwickedwendi August 4, 2013

    I don't stop unless my ex mother in law threatens to call the police or my friends pull me off. Usually, I have to hear the word "police", tho...

  • happyjack August 4, 2013

    Damn animals broke out of the zoo.

  • sparkles August 4, 2013

    These fatties aint ghetto their \" country\" which is worse! That's how they act in lower Alabama!

  • showmeurtits August 4, 2013

    If you hang around niggers you start to talk, Act & Fight like a nigger.

  • donunderstan August 4, 2013

    i look around and I can't see more than TWO strands of DNA in this crowd. Talk about the niggafication of American youth!

  • donunderstan August 4, 2013

    Why are all Asians 5' tall with black hair and brown eyes? Why are all blacks nappy haired with brown eyes? Because they've been fucking themselves for centuries. THIS is the white response. WE can fuck ourselves too I guess. White trash, cousin fucking, EBT needing whores.

  • alickalotapus- August 4, 2013

    all the black guys in the neighborhood salivating over the fat white broads

  • honkie365 August 4, 2013

    A colored man's wet dream...

  • goodster August 4, 2013

    last three upper cuts looked like something from a Busta Rhymes video..

  • dozer67 August 4, 2013

    White women sounding and acting Black.

  • biggertalk August 4, 2013

    stupid crackers, dozer67's sisters.

  • bite-me71 August 5, 2013

    Fucking retards that's all I have to say.

  • ispewmalarkey August 5, 2013

    Stop acting like niggers.

  • rockinron August 5, 2013

    come back in 3 years and all these white trash bitches will have 2-3 niglets running around and they'll all will be fathered by the same 2-3 nigga daddys out trolling for white whale pussy and trailor trash!!

  • happyjack August 5, 2013

    To all of the white people who bad mouthed these bitches, you are no better you say nigga just as much, but maybe without the accent.

  • zmolez August 5, 2013

    Was that all over the last piece of fried chicken?

  • handsomedevil August 5, 2013

    not sure if a black man can blush, but if he can, then it would be on account of this video. fuck's sake, brah! smh

  • vaknama August 5, 2013

    damn, bitches are crazy

  • immanuelkunt August 5, 2013

    So many unsucked dicks and so many crazy bitches. Can't we all just get along.

  • pizzapie August 6, 2013

    that's a whole lot of ugly stupid bitches

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