Guess What Happens To This Chinese Moped Rider

The only thing shocking about this video is that the people in the car actually pulled over to help. Or maybe just to get out and look. Either way, it's astonishing that someone in China actually gives a shit about a moped rider.

  • marcodufour August 8, 2013

    Sounds more like she came than they stopped

  • dozer67 August 8, 2013

    No joke here but I have been driving for 30 years and I drive a lot all over the entire east coast......I have never seen so many accidents as I see with these dash cams maybe 6 in my life.. I just don't understand if Chinese are taught to drive or just boom here is a car or a scooter get to work...

  • 3dr0 August 8, 2013

    He stopped the truck with his face he is awesome

  • 2indastink August 8, 2013

    Gooks gone wild...

  • marcodufour August 8, 2013

    @dozer67 If the Chinese driving test is anything like the Maltese one ( ie reverse into a huge parking space and you pass ) then i am not surprised they get squashed so often.

  • frankdrebin August 8, 2013

    would be much better if there was a giant gong on the side of the truck

  • kermitt August 8, 2013

    I didn't see any brake lights so I'm going to say he was trying to make his face a lil' more flat.

  • ohwickedwendi August 8, 2013

    They should start making vehicles with giant bullseyes on the sides of them.

  • yeayeayea August 8, 2013

    it´s like trucks have moped magnets.

  • tuck8541 August 8, 2013

    God hates mopeds!

  • boneyardsteam August 8, 2013

    Its not a repost but sure has the same feel stupied mopeds

  • ibetdaddy August 8, 2013

    give a chink a moped and he'll crash for the rest of his life

  • englishgent August 8, 2013

    ^No sir, give the chinks mopeds and they will provide lots of videos for us!

  • donunderstan August 8, 2013

    on't these chinks know what a chin strap is for?

  • rockinron August 8, 2013

    i'll bet moped insurance is worse than car insurance with 3 DUI's

  • dracos August 8, 2013

    i think I heard a; oh! My GOT! again

  • biggertalk August 9, 2013

    seen it 2319351 times don't need to watch!

  • handsomedevil August 9, 2013

    epicanthal folds + blind spot = chaos

  • specks August 9, 2013

    Dumb gook didn't even try to break

  • mrbacon August 10, 2013

    I think the girl recording had an orgasm after he crashed

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