Great work ladies!

Who'd've thunk it was two women in this Toyota Land Cruiser? As soon as the window broke I new right away. This is just further proof that women need not be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Barefoot in the kitchen or in the bed with their feet pointed at the ceiling!

  • sirfartsalot August 10, 2013

    No blondes were hurt in the making of this video.

  • crazyvet August 10, 2013

    Damn bitch, you just voided the warranty on the machine, and the car.

  • frankdrebin August 10, 2013

    at least the other two washing machines are okay, and walking aorund

  • englishgent August 10, 2013

    Lmfao! I wasn't expecting that.

  • spaulding August 10, 2013

    Look at her laugh like " Now my husband has to buy me a new one" bitch.

  • boneyardsteam August 10, 2013

    Bitch drives so bad the washing machine tryed to escape.

  • solidbriscoe August 10, 2013

    I always let my wife drive. So if we wreck or get pulled over I can say I've been kidnapped.

  • bigtalk August 10, 2013

    i dont know who to blame here the husband or her he should know better that a bitch knows no better their born without common sense

  • vulture August 10, 2013

    ^^^your almost right...logic is the word your looking for

  • rockinron August 10, 2013

    i bet these two morons can't make a sammich for shit!

  • bigtalk August 10, 2013

    nope im still right FACT!!!

  • goodster August 10, 2013

    ^^^ welp there ya go again bt I almost +ed ya but ya had too go and post your second opinion

  • biggertalk August 11, 2013

    fuck you and your shitty player that buffers every 10 seconds i could just let it load but ain't nobody got time fo dat.

  • chipalip2049 August 11, 2013

    ^^^ Time fo dat? Get that nigger talk outta here!

  • dracos August 11, 2013

    The washer was tired of doing all their work

  • sparkles August 11, 2013


  • ohwickedwendi August 12, 2013

    And I KNEW right away that Henry should be behind a keyboard making posts if he can't spell right ffs! Ain't nobody got time for dat!

  • sleeko August 12, 2013

    1st time, I ever gave biggertalk, a positive point.

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