Getting A Handful At The Game

Well played, sir. Just because she's passed out drunk doesn't mean she's of no use. Go ahead and feel on those titties while watching your game. You paid for her ticket and you deserve to a handful of boob. Now it's time to round 2nd base and slide into 3rd.

  • tgarner August 15, 2013

    You gotta do something at a baseball game to keep yourself awake!

  • boryem August 15, 2013

    One on, One out.

  • boneyardsteam August 15, 2013

    Just practicing his knuckle ball grip

  • drbrownsteine August 15, 2013

    You must be a redneck if baseball makes u horny

  • crazyvet August 15, 2013

    Never, I mean never miss an opportunity to feel some titties.

  • xizang August 15, 2013

    Hey, she was passed out. Might as well put the titties to use doing something while she's not using them.

  • bigtalk August 15, 2013

    only white boys rape woman and some of their friends FACT

  • biggertalk August 15, 2013


  • ibetdaddy August 15, 2013

    it's in her contract, she passes out he get a feel

  • solidbriscoe August 15, 2013

    These two are still at it?!? A while ago she was suckling his dingus. Now she's passed out. Hell, if a slit was fellating me then passed out, I'd take a handful of titflesh too!!!

  • englishgent August 15, 2013

    Fuck it why not? Next thing he'll put his hand in her pants and stroke the smoothness of bald twattage.

  • spinal12 August 15, 2013

    biggertalk do you wish you could do that to a women.

  • rockinron August 15, 2013

    gas grass or ass no free fucking tickets!

  • goodster August 15, 2013

    YANKEES SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • biggertalk August 16, 2013

    spinal12 you wish you aren't a 34 year old virgin

  • ohwickedwendi August 16, 2013

    Multitasking at it's finest.

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