He Makes A Pretty Good Target

One asshole tries to make a turn when he should be stopping and another asshole comes speeding through the intersection. So two assholes combine their efforts to destroy a biker just sitting at a red light. Nice teamwork, assholes. I bet the minivan just drove off as if nothing happened too.

  • 2indastink August 15, 2013

    For once it weren't the gook on two wheels that is at fault...

  • boneyardsteam August 15, 2013

    They all drive go-carts. The fucker in the car died from the impact. The biker had a broken middle finger.

  • longhungwong August 15, 2013

    Not a very ninja bike now is it?

  • mkultra August 15, 2013

    that was definitely some arab dude thinking it would be cool to drift through the intersection

  • boryem August 15, 2013

    I swear anytime somebody has a dash cam somebody is going to die.... they should be outlawed.

  • zmolez August 15, 2013

    I swear they run em' down for fun over there

  • ghosthunter August 15, 2013

    Right place. wrong time.

  • xizang August 15, 2013

    Hold it. I think the motorcycle had the right of way.

  • bigtalk August 15, 2013

    that car never seen him he was in his blind spot

  • biggertalk August 15, 2013

    woman driver no survivors

  • cornolio August 15, 2013

    That was not one of the big(ger)talks on that motorcycle. That guy was wearing work boots!

  • englishgent August 15, 2013

    Well I guess you can't prepare for that!

  • sparkles August 15, 2013

    Was Stevie wonder driving that car???

  • onetime42 August 15, 2013

    I ran the plate on the bike. It was registered and legal, therefore neither of the Talk Twins was riding it. Sorry for the bad news.

  • rockinron August 15, 2013

    i thought motorcycle season was over? damn and i didnt even get to hit one this year!

  • ohwickedwendi August 16, 2013

    Henry was probably driving that car if he drives as bad as he reposts.

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