The Wall Of Corpses

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Adam H.
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Watching this gets me pretty hyped that my neighborhood is nothing like this. I don't get to see dead, bloody corpses lined up against the wall when I leave the house to walk to the grocery store, and that makes me a happy camper.

  • 2indastink August 17, 2013

    Necrophilia is not a crime.... I think.

  • potrostation August 17, 2013

    Last dude still listening to his I tunes.

  • isnogood August 17, 2013

    Dead ass motherfuckers. Dead ass motherfuckers EVERYWHERE !

  • boneyardsteam August 17, 2013

    Off to sand-nigger heaven you go.

  • bigtalk August 17, 2013

    looks like a good haunted house

  • englishgent August 17, 2013

    And who's responsible? Why it's Alan Akbar!

  • solidbriscoe August 17, 2013

    They're so fucking poor they lay sheet metal over the bodies instead of a sheet of cloth. Oh. Wait. They're wearing the sheets already?

  • longhungwong August 17, 2013

    The crazy shit is that it smelled just as bad even before they died.

  • donunderstan August 17, 2013

    They look so peaceful.

  • rockinron August 17, 2013

    these are cops from one police station, the egyption people are paying back the government for killing 500 protestors the day before.

  • pizzapie August 17, 2013

    Looked like a painting to me

  • kermitt August 17, 2013

    Darwin's a FUCKIN' genius!

  • allcaps August 17, 2013

    I wish they would have shown their cock and balls..

  • onetime42 August 17, 2013

    ^^^^ Hey everyone, lets welcome Feircepierce back to the fucking peanut gallery!

  • allcaps August 18, 2013

    No need to welcome me, but welcome you...

  • dracos August 18, 2013

    Wakey , wakey, time to make the bombs

  • kcinhighdef August 18, 2013

    nigga on the wall looked like satan

  • biggertalk August 18, 2013

    suck my hairy balls allcaps

  • loulou August 18, 2013

    Have you ever heard the term slightly used suicide bomber? Nope, me neither.

  • handsomedevil August 18, 2013

    "Q-Vo, aqui estoy, MC Kid Frost/

    Yo soy jefe, maton, yes the Big Boss/

    My cuete's loaded, it's full of balas/

    I put it in your face and you won't say nada/

    Vatos, cholos, you call us what you will/

    You say we are assassins an we are sent to kill/

    It's in my blood to be an Aztec Warrior/

    Go to any extreme and hold no barriers/

    Chicano and I'm Brown and I'm proud/

    Guantes, chingazos, simon tu sabes, get down/

    Right now, in the dirt/

    What's the matter? You afraid you're gonna get hurt?/

    I'm with my homeboys, my camaradas/

    Kicking back millaje, y pa mi no vale nada/

    Yo soy chingon ese, like Al Capone ese/

    Controlo a todos solo never try to swept me/

    Some of you don't know what's happening que pasa/

    It's not for you anyway, cuz this is for the Raza.

  • dozer67 August 18, 2013

    back to the rain forests for you bro^^^^

  • englishgent August 18, 2013

    Hey allcaps we thought you got banned bitch!

  • ptsd33 August 19, 2013

    I'm just mad that the eye gaped one is at peace...smiling and shit

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