Roadside Execution

This type of shit makes me glad I live in America. Granted, in probably 5 or 10 years our police will be doing this exact same thing, in the name of freedom of course, but at least for now I don't really have to worry about being dragged out of my vehicle and executed in the street.

  •   vulture August 26, 2013

    I've met guys that drive these trucks £1000 a day they get, the risk is great but is £1000 a day worth risking dying for in a country thats always going to be screwed up and never be civilized.

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  • lobster August 26, 2013

    I dont get the sad dramatic music. They obviously get a kick out of shit like this. Celine Dion would be much more appropriate

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  • 2indastink August 26, 2013

    Laurence of Arabia was a cunt.

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  •   rockinron August 26, 2013

    i don't know about the rest of you fuckers, but me and my bush master can't wait for these fucking muslims here in michigan to start their shit!!! 1st fuckin time this shit happens i'm head to ypslanti michigan to kill me some taliban!!

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  • zmolez August 26, 2013

    ^^^@whobe im pretty sure they usually have a whole litter of sand kids by that age, you need to rethink that one..

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  • chupamiverga August 26, 2013

    so peaceful

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  •   crazyvet August 26, 2013

    Makes me wonder if Adolf Hitler was a Muslim.

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  • bigtalk August 26, 2013

    looks like fun they need to turn this into a carnival game

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  • frankdrebin August 26, 2013

    Steep fines at the weigh station

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  •   jeeprod August 26, 2013

    At what point do you just not fight back, knowing that bullet is coming in any case?

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  • crazyasshole August 26, 2013

    i love watching theses assholes kill each other ! let them all die , who gives a fuck !

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  • solidbriscoe August 26, 2013

    Aww... Its not their fault the a/c broke in your truck.

    Why so dramatic.... It's just chamber music...

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  • showmeurtits August 26, 2013

    Ron, Same thing here in Texas,,, As soon as they open the season on these Sheetheads, I'm in line.

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  • boneyardsteam August 26, 2013

    Mother fucker going to shoot you and you move to a convenient spot for him? I would be shot wagging my dick at them and a finger in the air..fuck you and fuck your muhammad

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  • rouge_et_blanc August 26, 2013

    Islam is creeping over the middle east and coming into Europe and instead of sending the fuckers packing we appease them and say "pictures of Muhammed are offensive". Not to me fucker!

    In some ares of England sharia law is the law! Why? Democracy! Muslims are in the majority. As long as they kill and fight each other that's fine by me at least they leave us alone. Obama should NOT get involved in Syria as he will try to kick Assads ass who is fighting Islamist rebels backed by Al Qaida. Do you want the USA to help Al Qaida?

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  • rareranking August 26, 2013

    Sad that you wont turn around because you know what's about to happen, Sucky part is you are going to be last and watch everyone else...Question is would you rather get axed first~!

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  • urapnes1701d August 26, 2013

    Yes sir! Yes sir!, You going to blow my brains out over here? GREAT! Thats just what i was hoping for! Let me and my buddies line up here on our knees for you to make it easier. I sure as hell don't want to resist you while you are trying to water the sand with blood now do i?

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  •   ouch August 26, 2013

    That made my dick hard. Now where do i put my screws and chopping board?

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  • xizang August 26, 2013

    Barry Obama's guys and your American tax dollars at work. Aren't you glad you voted for a muslim president?

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  • englishgent August 26, 2013

    Why the hell didn't they try to jump in the truck and piss off sharpish? Fuck me it's better than just giving up to be shot.

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  • immanuelkunt August 26, 2013

    Xizang, I'd sure love to put you on your knes then ventilate your sorry ass with a police-issue automatic rifle. And maybe someday I will, like fucking lardass says.

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  • biggertalk August 26, 2013

    lmao @rockinron, internet tough guy!!!

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  •   potrostation August 26, 2013

    Even from 3 feet away this guy is the world's shittyest shot.

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  •   handsomedevil August 26, 2013

    name of song, please.

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  •   pizzapie August 26, 2013

    A hard day of killing people, now it's Miller time

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  • bite-me71 August 27, 2013

    Fucking die fighting you dumbfuck. You were driving a big truck if you see one of these fuckers in the road step on the gas and run him over not too hard to do,yeah they will shoot at you but you just might get away.

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  • whitedevil August 27, 2013

    The cops can't do this in America because all the blacks beat them to it!!

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  • chipalip2049 August 27, 2013

    So sick of this shit. The chemical weapons killing those innocent kids and these guys were innocent but these masked assholes are just animals! And this is why America wants to pull the trigger and show the world whose boss!

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  • kukluxklan August 27, 2013


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  • livan August 27, 2013

    Now America will help these bastards come to power in Syria. And then Iran then other countries. The war and the war in America over the ocean quiet.

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  • biggest_talk August 27, 2013

    That sand would make a really pretty color glass, i'd say it's about that time.

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  • morbuis669 September 1, 2013


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  •   rockinron September 2, 2013

    ain't no internet tuff guy here biggerdumbass. just stateing a fact. if shit gets stupid in my neck of the woods and bullets start flying . i'm sighted in at 550 meters. with a real nice scope on my bush master with a match barrel. and ypslanti michigan has the largest concentration of muslims in the entire cuntry. if i am in eminent danger or my family because of these asshole scumbags, i will kill my fair share of them before i die or am hauled off to prison. FACT!

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  •   rockinron September 2, 2013

    i was born free and my family defended this land in every war includeing the revolutionary war. and i will die defending its freedom and boarders with out hesitation


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