Go Screw Yourself

He and I have very different definitions of getting screwed. I have to wonder what happens when he pees. Does piss spray out of all his holes? Does it just dribble out of some? Can he aim with any kind of accuracy? I suppose I'll never know. Unless I screw a hole in my dick and split it in two. Where's my toolbox?

  • fingers August 26, 2013

    10 seconds was all i could watch

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  • boryem August 26, 2013

    I am glad I have better things to do on a Friday night

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  •   srjordan August 26, 2013

    I would like to grab that board and twist his dick off at the root.

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  • bigtalk August 26, 2013

    you white boys are so obsessed with your dicks y'all start to hate them FACT

    +2 -10
  • 2indastink August 26, 2013

    If you pressed play gush u hjjzjzhbzhz

    myou are gay....I didn't press play so I'm not shattzubd hdja sins ja sha handle wish s Shan hdja Baha'is two

    Akkad whew jalna mask Saha seoojd. Shaken

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  •   vulture August 26, 2013

    hey bigtalk take a closer look that guy is as black as the ace of spades...FACT

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  • frankdrebin August 26, 2013

    Having a dick - you're doing it wrong

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  • slippy August 26, 2013

    skipped it

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  •   jeeprod August 26, 2013

    There oughta be a Dick Rescue Society or something... where they come in and take your dick away if you're mistreating it.

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  •   rockinron August 26, 2013

    thats one fucked up soul brother (AKA NIGGER)

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  •   crazyvet August 26, 2013

    Set the board on fire.

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  • solidbriscoe August 26, 2013

    Could NOT go past ten seconds. You've made your dingus look like a piglets foot. You do not deserve a penis. Cut it off already and stop posting your dicktorture, English cigarette.

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  • solidbriscoe August 26, 2013

    ^^^was a reference to \"fag\", NOT Mr. Englishgent.

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  • rouge_et_blanc August 26, 2013

    When she said "I am going to screw you" he really should have asked what she meant. Only too late did he realize as she approached him with a Black and Decker drill.

    Why does he think this is necessary or a good idea even.

    Oh look I screwed my dick to a wooden board,,,,what a cool thing to do, huh.

    Too much time, too little contact to the other sex (er any other sex), too much imagination and definitely not enough brain.

    Come screw with me

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  • lobster August 26, 2013

    Still screwin around with that dick

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  • rouge_et_blanc August 26, 2013

    @lobster.. dickin' around with that screw.

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  • boneyardsteam August 26, 2013

    How fucked up are you when pussy just doesn't do it for you anymore. Prob. A cock sucker anyways.

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  • urapnes1701d August 26, 2013

    Im pretty sure this man needs to die.

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  • englishgent August 26, 2013

    I was hoping the screwdriver would slip off and pierce him another hole. Seriously, doing this to your junk must be a mental illness!?!? Nasty as fuck.

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  • xizang August 26, 2013

    His poor penis probably never did anything nearly as mean to him. I agree, there should be an Association for the Prevention of Cruelty of Penises. And someone needs to come and get what's left of his penis - and balls - and take them to a foster home. There are lesbians wanting to become men, who could use a good dick.

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  • biggertalk August 26, 2013

    Only white people, y'all make me fucking sick!!!

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  •   potrostation August 26, 2013

    @ fingers: 10 seconds? That's 9 more then I needed.

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  •   handsomedevil August 26, 2013

    you white boys are funny. "he's black"???Lmmexicanao denial- it's not just a river in egypt, baby.

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  • fulmerino August 26, 2013

    White People Do Some Stupid Shit. I Agree. Bungee Jumping,Skating, Among Other Dangerous Things. Including Splitting Their Cocks. But I Bet They Have Jobs, Buy Their Own Food, And Pay Their Own Medical Insurance. If This Dude Gets An Infection, I'm Sure He Pays For It.So, He Split His Dick And Screwed A Screw Through It. Its Fucked Up. Stupidest Shit I've Ever Seen, But People Like This Are Not Living Of The Government. White People Do Stupid Shit. But This Is Our Goddamn World. We Bought And Paid For It. You Fuckers Just Get To Live In It.

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  •   pizzapie August 26, 2013

    All races are doing this. White guys are the only one's that can afford a camera

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  • kukluxklan August 27, 2013


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  • xizang August 27, 2013

    Blacks just prefer to suck some white guy's big cock and balls.

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  • jackpot August 27, 2013

    smh wtf

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  • elle August 27, 2013

    geez. I hope the phone doesn't ring.

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  • morbuis669 September 1, 2013

    How do you guys keep finding my footage! WTF!!!

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