Up Close Look At An Elephant

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Adam H.
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Aww aren't the elephants so cute. What magnificent creatures they are. Especially when they're charging a truckload of assholes who seem to forget that they are invading a giant animal's home. Gee, I can't understand why he's not responding to your commands.

  • immanuelkunt August 30, 2013

    LOL: "Find a cougar in your area and fuck her tonight" "Find a big fucking lardass and run away until you puke" would be more like it.

    Oh yeah, let's hope the elephant stomped those pukes into little faggot molecules.

  • crazyvet August 30, 2013

    You idiots better stick to observing herds of turtles.

  • potrostation August 30, 2013

    Geez! Nar means Nar.

  • shitbox August 30, 2013

    next time youll bring more peanuts bitch

  • beetzter August 30, 2013

    maaan >.

  • rockinron August 30, 2013

    gotta be africa, not because there's an elephant. but because not a single fucking human being on the entire fucking contient can run a fucking video camera for shit!

  • boneyardsteam August 30, 2013

    Lucky for them I had my Barrett M82 and we all had pachyderm soup that night.

  • sirfartsalot August 30, 2013

    I bet there is an Elephant clause in his insurance.

  • vulture August 30, 2013

    he thought he could talk to the elephant like it was his pet dog...WRONG

  • longhungwong August 30, 2013

    Gotta bring chocolate when you romanice the BBWs!.. fawken amateurs!

  • solidbriscoe August 30, 2013

    Everything was great until I saw nothing but green, you fucktard. Lil bitch dropped the camera!

  • bigtalk August 30, 2013

    thats right talk to a wild animal they all know english

  • showmeurtits August 30, 2013

    ^^^ Sorry we don't speak in clicks like you Brillo heads!

  • biggertalk August 30, 2013

    ban showmeurtits for his racism!

  • dozer67 August 30, 2013

    people are so stupid either these are Indian or African Elephants.so they don't speak english!!! FOOLS..

  • thebobo August 30, 2013

    Looks like the paparazzi pissed off Alec Baldwin again.

  • englishgent August 31, 2013

    Dozer that cracked me up! +1 sir:)

  • dracos August 31, 2013

    damn my penis escaped my trousers

  • handsomedevil August 31, 2013

    sometimes we do forget that whitey is the devil. elephants really do have great memories.

  • preferemshaved August 31, 2013

    More like up close look at a floorboard.

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