Week In Crazyshit: Pete Goes For A Ride

What the fuck is this? Why only 6 comments this week, Adam, you piece of shit? There's a simple answer to that. I got sick of reading comments. I already had a few ready to go, but after looking at a day or two of posts, I had no desire to read anymore of the lame ass bullshit some of you are clogging up the peanut gallery with, so I stopped reading and started deleting and banning. I'm sure I have a lot more cleaning up to do too. Now comes the part where you bitch and complain...

  • shitbox August 30, 2013

    its gotta be that time of the month again for adam sheesh

    +8 -0
  • shitbox August 30, 2013

    congrats to the top six any who

    +1 -1
  •   rockinron August 30, 2013

    the gods that are crazshit have awaken, mt,palm beach is arie with thunder and lightening. a distinct fear has fallen over the land of crazyshit as we go into the dreaded ban hammer racist hunting season. will the bigtalks go down or will it be rockinron or onetime42 or will there be across the board bansihing? only the gods of crazy shit know. ♫♪dum dom dun♪♫

    +9 -2
  •   rockinron August 30, 2013

    fyi i's been a good little crazyshiter massa please don't wacks rockinron on his brain pan wiff da crazyshit ban hammer. hims like da gods of crazyshit ! lmao

    +5 -2
  • theloonman August 30, 2013

    This site gets worse every week

    +6 -2
  • 2indastink August 30, 2013

    Go buy some Kleenex if you didn't make the top 6.....and whilst your at it, buy some wit too. Don't player hate, masturbate.

    +6 -2
  •   vulture August 30, 2013

    the more you feed the trolls the hungier they get

    +5 -0
  • solidbriscoe August 30, 2013

    Ban hammer aside, great week in crazyshit bitches.

    +1 -1
  • tgarner August 30, 2013

    Adam, it may have got out of hand again, but you're still a thin skinned pussy! LMAO

    +5 -0
  • showmeurtits August 30, 2013

    Break out the Kotex. It's that time of the month for CS Admins.

    +5 -0
  • urapnes1701d August 30, 2013

    Congratulations on making a WICS this week!! Woo Hoo!!

    +1 -1
  • mrbacon August 30, 2013

    Is that why big and bigger talk haven't been commenting?? Good going Adam! :D

    +1 -0
  • the_aristocrat August 30, 2013

    How about a comp for a t shirt for somebody to come up with some ban hammer music? And no you can't touch this. Happy WICS you fuckers.

    +0 -1
  •   dozer67 August 30, 2013

    Only 6 this is not Crazy Shit this is just SHIT!!

    +2 -0
  • solidbriscoe August 30, 2013

    ^^^ I did enjoy the hypnotits.. Didn't you?

    +1 -0
  • fulmerino August 30, 2013

    Imma Go Look At Them Again.... I Love The Hypnotits....

    +1 -0
  •   potrostation August 30, 2013


    +1 -0
  • englishgent August 30, 2013

    Admins know damn well that all the racist bullshit on here is the talk trolls doing. If my Avatar read "I'm not racist I only hate black people" would this be allowed? And if every comment I made was a deliberate attempt to piss everyone off would this also be allowed? This site used to be loads better years ago, now it's continually spoiled by a stupid unfunny troll who pretends to be black and has multi personalities.

    But if admins allow this to continue who am I to complain? I'm just a Limey on an American website with no voice.

    +4 -1
  • sactownryder August 31, 2013

    Adam was just too lazy.

    +3 -0
  • dagun August 31, 2013

    Fuck, I knew I was going to be #7

    +1 -1
  • morbuis669 August 31, 2013

    I take a vacation and this is what happens.

    +1 -0
  • pinkdildo September 1, 2013

    my nipples are hard

    +3 -1
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