Bull VS. Drunk Fuck

Bull fighting just isn't his thing. Especially while he's fucking piss drunk. He's reflexes seem to be totally absent. However, I guarantee that worked to his advantage while he was getting the horns. Give him another chance. I know he'll do better.

  • marcodufour September 3, 2013

    Tomorrow his story will be how he fought 20 guys on his own.

  • boneyardsteam September 3, 2013

    In pamplona spain they have the running of the bulls. Just because you speak spanish doesn't mean you should do the same. Stupied ass mexicans

  • alickalotapus- September 3, 2013

    why cant mexicans fight 1 on 1? they always have to get friends for backup

  • vulture September 3, 2013

    i'm just going outside for freshair...SMACK

  • englishgent September 3, 2013

    That was great. Bulls demand respect.

  • dozer67 September 3, 2013

    And we should feel bad for this guy why?

  • rockinron September 3, 2013

    did he get any fresh leg or torso pussy?

  • solidbriscoe September 3, 2013

    During the ruckus, someone stole his wallet as insult to injury.

  • crazyvet September 3, 2013

    I love the guy who is going to teach that car sized beast a real lesson with a stick.

  • spartan22407 September 3, 2013

    They way they carried him off reminds me of [INSERT MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRY NAME HERE] Muslims carrying their wounded off the battlefield.

  • kloneranger80 September 3, 2013

    I love these assholes, they keep videos coming to CS and keep me entertained. Keep it up

  • biggertalk September 4, 2013

    owned bruh

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