Failed Robber Isn't The Only One With A Gun

You don't know who's packing heat these days, so you should probably just assume that everyone is. I'm guessing that was the owner since he didn't put a few holes in that dirty fucker. A corpse and blood stains all over the candy aisle isn't good for business.

  • 2indastink September 5, 2013

    Just shoot the cunt...

  • crazyvet September 5, 2013

    My guns bigger than your gun.

  • celtickhan September 5, 2013

    see how he didnt run after him??? you can't run with balls that big!!

  • luminousmucus September 5, 2013

    Now, I betcha this video ending would have had a very different outcome if the shop keeper wasn't armed as our 2nd Amendment grants us the Right be.

  • frankdrebin September 5, 2013

    the Sac-O-Suds finally learned its lesson

  • marcodufour September 5, 2013

    " Well punk ? do ya, do ya feel lucky ? "

  • jeeprod September 5, 2013

    An armed society, yep... a polite society!

  • vulture September 5, 2013

    what happened did he have the safety catch on

  • kloneranger80 September 5, 2013


  • johnhancock September 5, 2013


  • rockinron September 5, 2013

    the guy was an x army veteran with 2 tours in iraq, he was not fucking around. he told the robber "i killed 17 human beings in iraq don't make me kill one in america"

  • alickalotapus- September 5, 2013

    Good thing Obama and his liberal posse didnt get there first, they would have taken the clerks gun and told him to pee on the gunman to protect himself

  • tgarner September 5, 2013

    Rockinron would be correct, that happened not to far from me. Try to stick up a small business in a smaller town in Missouri and there is good chance this will happen. I keep a .45 in my desk. That robber was very lucky he didn't get blasted!

  • matv September 5, 2013

    you call that a gun? THIS is a gun!

  • boneyardsteam September 5, 2013

    This fucker didn't have balls. If he did,they would be zipping homeboy up in a bag

  • solidbriscoe September 5, 2013

    +1 for luminous, Marco, and Ron.

  • pizzapie September 5, 2013

    Obama wants to take our guns away, fuck him

  • kloneranger80 September 5, 2013

    New member to CS, not new user, you guys are funny as shit. What's the deal with everyone fucking with this biggertalk guy. Someone fill me in.

  • onetime42 September 5, 2013

    ^^^ The \"Talk Twins\" are nothing more than a couple of wiggers. Or should I say 'soul brotha wanna bees'. Just ignore them.

  • boneyardsteam September 5, 2013

    ^^^ ever seen national geographic

  • solidbriscoe September 6, 2013

    ^^^ the one with the albino monkeys?

  • biggertalk September 6, 2013

    lol klone everyone is obsessed with us, we're in their heads!! and pizzapie you are a fucking moron, just saying dude.

  • lefty2guns September 6, 2013

    Gangster ass white lady. Dont mess with my grandmama

  • ouch September 6, 2013

    You fucking wankers and your right to bare arms. The wild wild west days are over. grow the fuck up!

  • marcodufour September 6, 2013

    @solidbriscoe Not sure about luminous but myself and rockinron are veterans thank you for your +1

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