Another fine day in Syria

Here at Alan's Snackbar for today and all of eternity we will be executing those who are not and will not convert to be a part of our great religion. Half-off for a limited time!

  • ven0m89 September 14, 2013

    Argh they need to start being more creative for our entertainment like put a live grenade under his ass.

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  • solidbriscoe September 14, 2013

    What's this?? Green bean casserole? Where's the beef?

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  • crazyvet September 14, 2013

    No uniform, no weapon, hands tied and blindfolded. Another recruitment video to become a member of the cowardly, peaceful Muslim religion.

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  • urapnes1701d September 14, 2013

    These videos are starting to bore me. Thanks Crazyshit for desensitizing me. Now if i see this shit happen here in the states I'll be like, "Eh, whatever. Lets go to Dairy Queen for a blizzard!"

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  • preferemshaved September 14, 2013

    That execution was funded by our very own government. What is it gonna take to wake the American sheeple up?!

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  • rouge_et_blanc September 14, 2013

    They still want to ram their fucking desert religion down our throats or Al 'n' Akbar us all. I agree with @crazyvet this is a very peaceful religion. lol We need to stop appeasing them and if they ain't happy here ship them back to their desert home and there they can shoot or cut the throats and behead each other as much as they like.

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  • boneyardsteam September 14, 2013

    I agree with venOm89 these mother fuckers have no imagination. So many funny ways to kill a man, and all they wanna do is shoot and cut. BORING

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  • rockinron September 14, 2013

    this is what happens if you try to skip out on the bill at alans snack bar!

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  • vulture September 14, 2013

    a bullet...must have lost his knife

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  • dawgfan1969 September 14, 2013

    Ship the darkies back while we shipping out the donkey fucking cameljockeys.

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  • englishgent September 14, 2013


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  • frankdrebin September 14, 2013

    cheapest way out of that fuckin place... and that shitty speech

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  • kloneranger80 September 14, 2013

    Definitely canceling my vacation to Syria, thanks crazy shit.

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  • xizang September 14, 2013

    Your American tax dollars at work! That's what Obama is sending US arms to his muslim brotherhood buddies for: To kill all Christians, Jews and atheists. Boom! Obama's having a great time with your tax dollars.

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  • acdcfan September 15, 2013

    Bullets and no chemicals now?

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  • biggertalk September 15, 2013

    shoot some racists next

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  • cynuckm January 24, 2014

    im proud of this motherfucker, if they can do this shit in the USA ,we going to have a lot of fucking pig to bring to justice. Allah Akbar

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