Accelerator On The Escalator

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Adam H.
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I see the escalator has reached maximum capacity. That's a good example of why I take the stairs. Too bad there isn't footage at the bottom. If you find that video, let a honky know.

  • 2indastink September 27, 2013

    Hahahah hahahah funny as fuck..,,

  • trox September 27, 2013

    Wish the one I was one went that fast, that way I wouldn't have to smell the fat guys stinky asshole for a whole min

  • kazooi September 27, 2013

    If this would have been ended how it looks like (a giant meatgrinder at the bottom), that shit would have been on the news.

    I assume, they are allright.

  • frankdrebin September 27, 2013

    never knew you could flush and escalator

  • thunderbutt September 27, 2013

    Little heavy on the downslide.

  • solidbriscoe September 27, 2013

    Dum cops. Forced alla them to go on that escalator... Their bad. They're bad.

  • acdcfan September 27, 2013

    I want to find the switch for the one at the mall and hit it...

  • jackpot September 27, 2013

    Fuckin' asshole cops.

  • russianblood September 27, 2013

    i will be wait and go as last one

  • devildog117 September 27, 2013

    and all the cops are just standing there like "well that was convenient"

  • rockinron September 27, 2013

    please wait for the ride to come to a complete stop before you begin to bleed and beat the fuck outta the cops. thank you and have a great day at cedar point america's roller coast!

  • biggertalk September 28, 2013

    Cunts deserved it.

  • santa September 28, 2013

    Stairway to hell!

  • morbuis669 September 30, 2013

    Cops had a good excuse not to do their job that day.

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