Sexy Car Wash Fail

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Adam H.
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In Brazil they have a show called Sexy Car Wash, where sluts strip down and wash cars all sexy like. This chick would not do so well on that show. But at least the slut tried. I'll give her that much.

  • rockinron September 30, 2013

    must have used to much astro glide on her ass this morning.

  • 2indastink September 30, 2013

    Stick to washing dishes...

  • tgarner September 30, 2013

    I don't care how good she looks, bitch better stay off the hood of my car!

  • fingers September 30, 2013

    damn still conscious.

  • crazyvet September 30, 2013

    She better change her hair color to blonde.

  • solidbriscoe September 30, 2013

    Did I mention that they fail at looking sexy washing cars? Dammit!!! Just wash the fucking car!!!

  • happyjack September 30, 2013

    I think the 3 second rule for food applies here too. You don't have to throw her away, just dust her off and eat her.

  • bobbabooey September 30, 2013

    It's obvious he doesn't keep her around for her carwashing skills.

  • nunya September 30, 2013

    slipped in her own slime trail

  • spinal12 September 30, 2013

    Her black boy friend was laughing at her saying white bitch get your ass up.

  • englishgent September 30, 2013

    Hahahaha what a dumb slut. Fuck off and make me a coffee bitch.

  • pizzapie September 30, 2013

    Fuck the car, How much for a blow job?

  • ohwickedwendi September 30, 2013

    I wonder which one is more expensive--the car or the woman?

  • biggertalk October 1, 2013

    Put women in death camps.

  • beetzter October 1, 2013

    des können se wieder die amys. deutsche autos kaufen und damit rum prollen. weil se wissen das ihre scheiss kübel nix taugen.

  • ibetdaddy October 1, 2013

    better not be any soap on my sammich bitch

  • screwyou October 1, 2013

    Its just a beamer no big deal!!! She can jump on the roof if she wants

  • pussysurveyor October 1, 2013

    I wonder if she broke her pussy.

  • 420ripper October 4, 2013

    put anyone one with "big"and "talk" in there name in a death camp

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