Beer Bottles Upside The Head

What's this? Beaners not fighting fair, and breaking bottles on guys' heads when they aren't even looking. Yeah, that sounds just like a beaner. Hey dickhole, nobody gives a shit about the little cut on your arm you fucking pussy. Go cry to your mommy about that shit.

  • graveyard October 1, 2013

    Who cares about the guys bleeding out of their head! LOOK AT MY ARM! LOOK! LOOK AT MY ARM DUDE!

  • beetzter October 1, 2013

    " hey i got an cut from the glas on my arm "

    what a fag. cry´s like a little girl -.-

  • brentos October 1, 2013

    "Someone needs to knock him out" Man up pussy and handle your own shit.....

  • pistolero October 1, 2013

    What a waste of jerseys.

  • rockinron October 1, 2013

    give that fag a tampon to shut him the fuck up!

  • theloonman October 1, 2013

    I went to a fight and a football game broke out.

  • frankdrebin October 1, 2013

    okay okay, first and foremost, let's check immigration status

  • johnhancock October 1, 2013

    What pussies.... 2 bottles and no fighting??? Fags

  • crazyvet October 1, 2013

    Quit wasting the God damn beer dude.

  • thunderbutt October 1, 2013

    What do they think that is, hockey!

  • bigtalk October 1, 2013

    goddamn white boy move no one cares stop acting you color you know annoying

  • graveyard October 1, 2013

    What the fuck did he say? ^^^^^

  • pinkdildolickr October 1, 2013

    ^^^^What he said^^^^

  • brentos October 1, 2013

    ^^^ not sure I'm not fluent in troll

  • solidbriscoe October 1, 2013

    Good job. Those aren't you're REAL names on the back of your jerseys. Now the police are looking for pro football players. Never mind the spics. They'll be deported anyway.

  • englishgent October 1, 2013

    Can they not settle matters with a simple punch up? Guess not.

  • bobbabooey October 1, 2013

    Crocodile Dundee needs to quit blocking the shot

  • doc_ock October 1, 2013

    Whites acting like niggers at a nigger sporting event. what's new?

  • pussysurveyor October 1, 2013

    Mustard gas was made for tailgaters.

  • potrostation October 1, 2013

    Later he's going to claim he got that scar playing football for the Cowboys.

  • screwyou October 1, 2013

    All they want is fame

  • ih8dumbfux October 1, 2013

    Cowboys suck... anyway everyone involved are fucking pussies ...Square up bitches

  • urapnes1701d October 2, 2013

    Just like Puerto Ricans being here to clean pools, the Mexicans are only here to mow our lawns.

  • pizzapie October 2, 2013

    Perfect time for a car bomb

  • biggertalk October 2, 2013

    LMAO gridiron, they're all pussies. @urapnes and the white people are there to be lazy right. LOL.

  • thesheriff October 2, 2013

    I seen some craziershit in Oakland

  • kanada October 3, 2013

    That cool dude with\" adam\" on the back of his jersey just smashed that guy with the \"rockinron\" jersey. How's that song go ? Hey man nice shot, nice shot man.

  • 420ripper October 4, 2013

    stupid wetback niggers all i have to say

  • unknownbrain October 5, 2013

    Just like Puerto Ricans being here to clean pools n fck the white mans wife, the Mexicans are only here to \"mow our lawns\" well jus put it this way we'r here to follow you on facebook evrywhere u share where u at n maybe just maybe you could be one of those lucky fckin bazturds who get kidnapped or simply just take your whole life savings based on one comment tht judged your whole life infront of you.@urapnes1701d

  • barackosama October 6, 2013

    American football faggot fans... What a surprise.

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