Attempted Throat Slicing

Nothing spices up a nice family dinner quite like an attempted murder. Cousin Boris always was an asshole, and typically they keep sharp objects away from him exactly for this reason. Can't he see that Aunt Olga just wants to smoke her cigarette in peace? Dick.

  • misfit_88 October 8, 2013

    gotta love them crazy russians. their videos are so entertaining and nearly always somebody gets hurt.thats what we like to see!!!

  • douchebaggins October 8, 2013

    How do you miss with a blade when you're hand is literally on his throat? Was he cutting him with a letter opener?

  • vulture October 8, 2013

    would be slicer is a dead man when he explains to his mafia boss how he failed

  • chelo506 October 8, 2013

    grandma got a pice of the action

  • screwyou October 8, 2013

    You never miss with a gun.. Amateur

  • frankdrebin October 8, 2013

    that waiter isn't getting a tip

  • solidbriscoe October 8, 2013

    He found out they bought Taaka vodka instead of Russian Standard. He then grabbed a spoon and tried to kill the guy responsible. He was way more drunk than he thought!

  • crazyvet October 8, 2013

    This idiot needs to watch some youtube videos to learn how to properly cut a throat.

  • morbuis669 October 8, 2013

    A fucking bitch tries to stop me from trying to stop someone from stabbing me is getting fucked up even worse!

  • dozer67 October 8, 2013

    that's what happens when you hire a drunk for a hit..

  • urapnes1701d October 8, 2013

    Must have bought that dull ass blade from the muslims 2nd hand....

  • englishgent October 8, 2013

    Russian standard useless pissed hit man?

  • biggertalk October 8, 2013


  • ohwickedwendi October 9, 2013

    Dude--they didn't invite you...get over it.

  • rockinron October 9, 2013

    he's been watching way to many alquida beheadings!! he even dulled up a butter knife !

  • bobbabooey October 9, 2013

    What are you trying to do, butter his fucking neck?

  • eyeh8dumbasses October 9, 2013

    Even if you cut his throat you were still gonna get your ass beat you dumb fuck.

  • btterfly710 October 17, 2013

    He must have gotten his knife from Alan's Snackbar...

  • davey6 January 12, 2017


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