One Hell Of A Tow Truck

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Adam H.
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Tow truck? We don't need no stinking tow truck! Not when we got an elephant to drag this fucking vehicle up the hill. Somebody give that elephant a blowjob to thank him for his hard work.

  • riley804 October 11, 2013

    unless that vehicle couldnt run, why didnt all the men get together and pull it up the hill instead of making the elephant do it.

    stupid ass......

  • rockinron October 11, 2013

    someone check that poor elephants nuts for a hernia! jesus christ!

  • tgarner October 11, 2013

    And all that for a few fucking peanuts!

  • screwyou October 11, 2013

    Not even one of these negro gives a hand to this poor animal... Lazy bastards standing there and picking in their nose. We should treat them the same way ....

  • kanada October 11, 2013

    I was thinking the same thing help push. So glad to be white & living in north america.

  • crazyvet October 11, 2013

    Ford has a better idea.

  • vulture October 11, 2013

    that looked more like a tourist attraction that a 4 x 4 broke down

  • happyjack October 11, 2013

    After they took the harness off that elephant should have stomped the shit out off all of them.

  • theloonman October 11, 2013

    Nothing to see here, just another darkie getting a free ride.

  • frankdrebin October 11, 2013

    You'd think they wouldn't want to make slaves of anything

  • happyjack October 11, 2013

    Those "black" people aren't uh black people. Unless they all have straight hair and are speaking some middle eastern language.

  • cuda1179 October 11, 2013

    Is it just me, or was that back wheel not turning? If that retard left the parking brake on he needs a beating.

  • januz October 11, 2013

    I never get a boner from towing trucks, so thats gotta be one happy elephant.

  • iluvkitty October 11, 2013

    The irony here is that no "republican" has ever worked this hard.

  • solidbriscoe October 11, 2013

    When the elephant freaks out and kills more than a few injuns, they'll know how awesome he really is!

  • englishgent October 11, 2013

    After all that heavy pulling the poor creature needed a sit doesn't show him sitting on the truck and crushing it. Hahahaha

  • donunderstan October 11, 2013

    I wonder how long it took for Sanjeet to realize that he had the emergency brake on.

  • mcgaugh57 October 11, 2013

    All those ugly humans watching rather then pushing to make it easier. Human scum

  • matv October 12, 2013

    who needs HORSE power?

  • dracos October 12, 2013

    In hindu culture the indian elephant is considered a deity to be worshiped.. I wonder how they treat slaves

  • biggertalk October 12, 2013

    i have an elephant, her name is wendi

  • vaknama October 12, 2013

    looks like they need to go back to riding elephants since they have better off road capabilities that and apparently Philippine folk can't drive either

  • ptsd33 October 12, 2013

    Looks like some purple lipped curry kids. They worship rats and cows but torture elephants. Get me some rat poison.

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