Hey Everybody Watch Me Rip My Nut Sack

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Adam H.
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Check him out cutting up the dance floor. He's got all the right moves, especially the drop splits. I wonder at what point he realized that was a terrible idea. Was it on his way down or was it right after his taint was torn down the middle?

  • rockinron October 15, 2013

    thank god, his kids would have been ugly little fuckers anyways

  • vulture October 15, 2013

    great comedy act by nut sack joe

  • pinkdildolickr October 15, 2013

    Why the fuck did he need to take off his pants? People should have been throwing shit at him at that point

  • sharkkiller1 October 15, 2013

    if im at a party and a dude starts taking his pants off im outta there . i love how he gets beaned in the face with a solo cup

  • tgarner October 15, 2013

    It's not a taint anymore, he just made his very own pussy!

  • frankdrebin October 15, 2013

    Doctor: "Bad news, it's a tear, good news, you'll make a full recovery, completely irrelevant news, you can't fuck for a while"

  • crazyvet October 15, 2013

    Now that was funny right there.

  • kermitt October 15, 2013

    Billy Ray-cyrus teaching his retarded daughter how to twerk!

  • solidbriscoe October 15, 2013

    What Didja think would happen, Bacon Boy? It's called gravity+your fat ass= emasculation.

  • englishgent October 15, 2013

    Now that was a silly thing to do now wasn't it? Good luck with the surgery.

  • dracos October 15, 2013

    Baryshnikov failed son

  • biggertalk October 16, 2013


  • ohwickedwendi October 16, 2013

    Was he crying?

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