Probably Not The Brightest Cop Ever

Here is some evidence that cops are dumb no matter what part of the world they're policing. Turning on your lights and sirens doesn't magically make other vehicles stop right where they're at. But I'm glad you tried.

  • pinkdildolickr October 16, 2013

    He was probably on his way to stop the wild boar rampage

  • vulture October 16, 2013

    cops always think they are great driver with superhuman reactions when in fact they are the worst on the road

  • hidden-_-evil October 16, 2013

    Stupid fucking pig. Makes me hope the other people are ok when normally I wouldn't give a fuck.

  • tonyk October 16, 2013

    Well at least he was the first cop on the scene of the accident.

  • frankdrebin October 16, 2013

    Russia's Most Wanted: Sober drivers please

  • kermitt October 16, 2013

    Turning your Yogo into a Dodge Ram.

  • iluvkitty October 16, 2013

    Fucking Russians write backwards, what do you expect?

  • solidbriscoe October 16, 2013

    Have the Russians been listening to N.W.A. Since the iron curtain fell? No. They listen to eurotrash.


  • jboy619 October 16, 2013

    wish cop cars in the US were tin cans like looks like fun

  • englishgent October 16, 2013

    Whobe, believe it or not that is your common Russian Police car! Usually shitty old Yugos or Skodas with a 1300cc 60hp engine. Very poor in rural Russia lol.

  • kanada October 16, 2013

    Lmao, and those two car drive right by after the crash without even slowing down, typical Russians. No fucks given.

  • ghosthunter October 16, 2013

    I guess Look both ways doesn't translate in Russian.

  • ohwickedwendi October 16, 2013

    Take two bottles of Vodka and call the bartender in the morning.

  • rockinron October 16, 2013

    what no dash cam footage?

  • dracos October 16, 2013

    smash cam is the politically correct term now.

  • donunderstan October 17, 2013

    Good Lord, I live next to Dunkin' Donuts and see this EVERT day. Usually the ghetto snipes take his car, wallet, and gun.

  • donunderstan October 17, 2013

    " it's called wealth by cop.

  • biggertalk October 17, 2013

    lol the cunt.

  • ibetdaddy October 17, 2013

    how do you say"ha fucking ha" in russian?

  • dozer67 October 18, 2013

    I didn't see any lights on....yes, cops think they are above any type of "rules of the road " themselves...

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