Front Door Pickup Service

If you really want to win a woman's heart, you have to do some real romantic shit like drive into her house. Bitches love that shit. The guy recording thinks the driver is a dumbass, but obviously he doesn't know shit about courting.

  • preferemshaved October 25, 2013

    Why does he have to get out of there? Stay and film the aftermath you fucking tard!

  • rockinron October 25, 2013

    it takes some women a harder lesson,to learn not to put so much damn mayo on her man's sammich!!!

  • kermitt October 25, 2013

    I would do the same thing if I found out Ms. Piggy was fucking Gonzo.

  • kanada October 25, 2013

    Is that OJ or happjack ? No wait aren't they both locked up ?

  • the_aristocrat October 25, 2013

    I'm jerking off thinking of crispy bacon.

  • solidbriscoe October 25, 2013

    He has a broken heart. She now has a broken foyer!!

  • bigtalk October 25, 2013

    Whats sad about this is section 8 will just give these whites a new home.

  • ouch October 25, 2013

    ^^ Probably a stolen car by a jiggaboo who is upset that he couldn't work out how to break in and rob the place!

  • englishgent October 25, 2013

    Omg that guys a moron! STFU!

  • matv October 25, 2013

    that's not a pick up, it's an SUV

  • biggertalk October 26, 2013

    dumb white people @ouch you fucking dirty piece of shit

  • fingers October 26, 2013

    cheating bitches ussualy cause shit like this

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