Her Singing Is The Bomb

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Adam H.
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That kind of interruption is much worse than getting booed off of stage. She apparently was singing about freedom in Syria when all of the sudden, Kaboom! Once again, don't go to Syria.

  • morbuis669 October 27, 2013

    That was no bomb, someone just farted.

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  • 2indastink October 27, 2013

    Shut the fuck up you little cunt....

    +3 -9
  •   vulture October 27, 2013

    freedom in Syria...dream on little girl

    +2 -0
  •   crazyvet October 27, 2013

    Critics are everywhere.

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  •   toreal October 27, 2013

    The Tea Party and the KKK should move there. America would be a much better place.

    +4 -11
  • tonyk October 27, 2013

    Auditions for "Syria's Got Talent"

    +5 -1
  • morbuis669 October 27, 2013

    ^The KKK are your democrat butt buddies you pay your welfare fuck face, so yeah send them.

    +7 -2
  • thunderbutt October 27, 2013

    Lotta hope for humanity.

    +4 -0
  •   potrostation October 27, 2013

    morbuis669 be nice to toreal. They don't teach(factual) history or the Constitution in school any more. He also thinks John Stewart and Water Cronkite (did)do the same job.

    +5 -0
  • pussysurveyor October 27, 2013

    Game over.

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  •   goodster October 27, 2013

    The more they blow shit up,,,, the more I like it! Keep up the good work fellas!

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  •   rockinron October 27, 2013

    syria is becoming a great source of leg pussy keep up the good work folks!!

    +3 -1
  • morbuis669 October 27, 2013

    It cracks me up when some stupid motherfucker says the Tea party is the KKK, it was the democrat party who created the KKK stupid assholes!

    +3 -1
  •   ouch October 27, 2013

    The camera man did better than most cunts that get their shit posted on this site.

    +4 -0
  • honkie365 October 27, 2013

    Another death by Skittles

    +1 -0
  • kermitt October 27, 2013

    ♪The sun will come up tomarrow!♪

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  •   pizzapie October 27, 2013

    They learn at an early age what a shit hole they live in

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  • xerox October 27, 2013

    it looked liked someone was watching and didn't like what she was singing,namely one of those people in the background walked off to the side and tossed a grenade at her.i swear that looked like the spoon that flies of to ignite the fuze that flew by her head.fucking cocksuckers.to bad we couldn't put them and the nazis together and let them fight it out.

    +0 -0
  • ohwickedwendi October 27, 2013

    I must say I was a lot happier not knowing what the fuck was going on in the Middle East back in the day before the interwebs

    +3 -1
  • kermitt October 27, 2013

    ^^^^^ HEY, HEY, HEy chick!!!!!! I've never gave permission to say the F--- word! "You're gonna have'ta pay!"^^^^^^

    +0 -1
  • englishgent October 28, 2013

    What's worse....living in Syria or living near niggertalk? Hmm decisions, decisions....

    +4 -2
  • biggertalk October 28, 2013

    I agree with toreal, fuck these KKK cunt on CS too. And fuck this gay ass limey acting like anyone gives a fuck about England judging by his gay ass avatar.

    +0 -5
  • kanada October 28, 2013

    ^ stop acting so niggardly. B~ouch

    +1 -1
  • boryem October 28, 2013

    Does their life suck or what?

    +1 -0
  • assmasterson October 29, 2013

    It's funnier when Yosemite Sam does it to Bugs Bunny's piano.

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  • dikfer November 30, 2013

    the liberal left systematically taking our rights away(guns,privacy,free speech...etc)will most likely lead to that,so If your a liberal/socialist and want to see america 20+ yrs from now with the lefts leadership move to syria...and toreal keep watching cnn/msnbc if you like suggestive and diluted media.

    +1 -0
  • wisconsinjed October 1, 2014

    did you guys see at least two human limbs come flying through the air? My God are we lucky to live where we do! Sadly it seems many take our freedoms for granted and forget the fact that it was bought(not given) by the blood of others. So I say thank you to any and all the veterans here on the mighty CS!

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