Batter Up

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Adam H.
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We've got ourselves a future all star right here. He steps up to the plate and he hits a homerun. Right in his fucking teeth. Great job, champ!

  • douchebaggins November 1, 2013

    Physics just smacked you upside the head.

  • fingers November 1, 2013

    sadly kids are getting dumber all the time but on the upside they all have cameras

  • solidbriscoe November 1, 2013

    Haha!! We point and laff at you.

  • toreal November 1, 2013

    Only a white boy could be this stupid.

  • screwyou November 1, 2013

    ^^^^^Hey ugly motherfucka!!!! And what your video from yesyesterday???? That was stupid....

  • ouch November 1, 2013

    I bet his gym teacher is a black guy and his physics teacher is a chink. So he is stupid and eats shit!

  • assmasterson November 1, 2013

    Yeah, Toreal. All the black people shooting each other in the hood are just pissed cuz they're late for the Mensa meeting.

  • englishgent November 1, 2013

    toreal how about commenting on the video instead of pissing folk off? Is your other log in name bigtalk by any chance or a cs admin?

  • dracos November 1, 2013

    We must reinforce Torel. Cant you see, its the first time he wrote something without serious grammatical errors. Good boy Torel, now please stop climbing the mango trees.

  • rockinron November 1, 2013

    twang!! what a wonderful sound!

  • dracos November 2, 2013

    Hit the sweet spot, he can taste the victory

  • biggertalk November 2, 2013

    toreal speaks the truth deal with it homos

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