Almost Missed The Bus

Really? How do you not see or hear a speeding bus coming right at you? She at least got to feel it and probably even taste it too. I'm sure her lifeless body will be lying there at least a few hours before anyone checks on her.

  • crazyvet November 6, 2013

    Bus drivers don't like to stop for just one person.

  • showmeurtits November 6, 2013

    Some Black guy will come by and rape here, All they need are two tits and a heartbeat! Oh who am I kidding? They don't care about a heartbeat!

  • matv November 6, 2013

    yup, a pussy & a pulse (pulse optional)

  • solidbriscoe November 6, 2013

    She says: \"Waiter, I'll take the bus sandwich with a side of asphalt please..\"

  • rockinron November 6, 2013

    fuckin women will fight with anything . no common sence.

  • goodster November 6, 2013

    Nice shoot driver, she wasn't even looking. 10 points.

  • dracos November 7, 2013

    That was her assphalt cant blame the bus

  • biggertalk November 7, 2013


  • vaknama November 7, 2013

    was she even looking?

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