Soccer Mob Beating In Peru

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Adam H.
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Soccer hooligans all over the world take their sport really fucking seriously. Unfortunately for this guy, his team showed up a little late.

  • solidbriscoe November 9, 2013

    Find the taco... FIND THE TACO!!!!!

  • pizzapie November 9, 2013

    He must have painted his face like a soccer ball

  • assmasterson November 9, 2013

    Relax, alright? My old man is a television repair man. He's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix you.

  • crazyvet November 9, 2013

    Just ask the ancient Romans how this type of violence worked for them.

  • biggertalk November 9, 2013

    srs bsnss m8

  • marcodufour November 9, 2013

    No such thing as soccer.

  • ouch November 9, 2013

    Do you dumb cunts understand the word GAME? If you want to fight join the fucking army or some shit like that. Fucking dumb black brown greasey cunts. OH thanks for the video. CS RULES!

  • englishgent November 9, 2013

    Football violence, the English disease! Hahahahaha...

  • rockinron November 9, 2013

    soccer fags doing what soccer fags do best, acting like niggers!!

  • goodster November 9, 2013

    ^^rr +10!

  • rodeye2 November 10, 2013

    Watch it again,looks like someone flushed a giant toilet.

  • donunderstan November 10, 2013

    What's the difference between a Latino and a arab? About 5000 miles. Put a turban on a Mexican and tell me you'd know which one to shoot.

  • ven0m89 November 10, 2013

    You know a sport sucks when you hafta make your own entertainment

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