Dad Calls Cops And Cops Kill Son

Did you hear about this shit? Tyler Comstock, a little punk ass 19 year-old took his dad's truck without permission, so his dad called the cops to teach him a lesson. The cops ended up chasing him and shooting him dead. That's what you get for bringing the police into your personal matters. They react in one way, and one way only. Violence. I don't think this kid had much to contribute to the world anyway. The real question here is, did he learn his lesson?

  • zonk November 9, 2013

    Guess he'll stop next time. Wait..there wont be a next time.

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  • croccock November 9, 2013

    Well the father finally got that abortion he wanted it just took 19 years.

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  • sharkkiller1 November 9, 2013

    jesus christ did you see that third cop theres nothing high speed about that fat pig except when he's eating mcdonalds

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  • solidbriscoe November 9, 2013

    Great job cops. You've really made a difference.

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  • uk-13astard November 9, 2013

    thats ok he can respawn ohh shit this aint GTA.... what a fucktard

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  • assmasterson November 9, 2013

    The real crime here is that the camera turned away right at the best part.

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  • toreal November 9, 2013

    One less white meth head. God is good.

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  • sirfartsalot November 9, 2013

    When you use a car as a weapon they will shoot you! Period.

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  • crazyvet November 9, 2013

    Urban warfare at its best.

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  • alickalotapus- November 9, 2013

    the only lesson that should have been learned here is dont raise your kids to be assholes so they wont get themselves into situations where they will get shot.

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  • dracos November 9, 2013

    typical a copo makinng a harmless situation into something real dangerous and destructive

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  • biggertalk November 9, 2013

    he was looking for trouble fuck em

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  • happyjack November 9, 2013

    Follow the law and 99.9% of the time you won't have any problems with the police.

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  • cuda1179 November 9, 2013


    If Iowa is 40 miles west of you, that probably puts you in Illinois, the place where all they know how to do is raise corrupt politicians and unconstitutional laws about recording the police.

    By the way, Iowa invented the nuclear reactor.

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  • cuda1179 November 9, 2013

    Holy shit, I just noticed that this happened at my old COLLEGE. I saw my old dorm, parking space, and the hall I did a lot of classes in. The place where he got shot was the grove of trees where I finger-banged a girl for the first time!!! Awesome!!!!

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  • ouch November 9, 2013

    Fathers days gonna be a bitch from now on huh!

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  • englishgent November 9, 2013

    For running blind through that intersection he deserved his ending.

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  • honkie365 November 9, 2013

    Ram a cop car with another vehicle and it's assault with a deadly weapon. Asshole got what he deserved, and so did his old man.

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  • pussysurveyor November 9, 2013

    The more little wiggers get shot by the cops, the better off the USA will be, you fucking bastards.

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  • pussysurveyor November 9, 2013

    "warning: if you are shy, don't click here" My fucking god, that is the fattest fucking hog ever on CS. Do you porn salesman have no goddamn shame whatever? Anything for a fucking buck?

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  • rockinron November 9, 2013

    man the dude lost his trailor and his riding lawn mower. fucking bummer dude!

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  • rodeye2 November 10, 2013

    Grand theft auto Huurraaaa!

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  • manunder November 10, 2013

    Adam just because you failed the police test and couldnt get the job doesnt mean that cops are always wrong..there are plenty of asshole cops out there just as there are plenty of assholes who run websites...the guy was trying to kill/injure the cops and was recklessly driving through a residential neighborhood risking peoples lives and needed to be stopped....what would you have liked them to do just forget about it and go have a donut

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  • donunderstan November 10, 2013

    Roscoe got him coo coo

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  • killtacular November 10, 2013

    GEt this. All the news sites and the yellow journalists are trying to paint this little asshole as a "victim" of Police Violence. Fuck that little bitch. While my condolences go out to the father for at least ~trying~ to be a father, bringing the cops into it in this day and age can only end badly 90% of the time. Sorry pops, you didn't make the right're not a dad anymore..just another shmuck who made the wrong choices and has to live with them for the rest of his miserable life.

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  • donunderstan November 11, 2013

    STOP ramming our vehicles SON!

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