Head shot!

Well, this video speaks for itself. Just a straight up cold-blooded murder. Shots straight to the dome! Night night!

  • screwyou November 11, 2013

    Is it the garbage day ???

  • englishgent November 11, 2013

    What's more amazing is the invisible skateboard underneath him.

  • showmeurtits November 11, 2013

    WOW a black committing a murder... I am truly surprised!!!

  • vulture November 11, 2013

    now somebody has to clean the path...should have shot him on the grass

  • honkie365 November 11, 2013

    One down..

    Now where is Jesse Jerkoff and Al Shitbag complaining about this heinous crime?????

  • rockinron November 11, 2013

    this should happen everyday all day long in every ghetto and major city in the country!

  • frankdrebin November 11, 2013

    umm thanks?

  • jboy619 November 11, 2013

    gotta give the shooter some credit up close and personal no innocent people getting shot

  • goober November 11, 2013

    Shooter already has his prison underwear on in case they catch hiim

  • happyjack November 11, 2013

    The streets have no mercy.

  • crazyvet November 11, 2013

    I applaud him for conserving ammo. Three shots, three hits.

  • solidbriscoe November 11, 2013

    @honkie, I know this vid fills is both with glee. But I must say, Jesse and Al won't give a fuck unless it was a Caucasian who pulled the trigger. Which would have filled us with even more glee. Besides, that was the negro who put too much coconut oil on the slip-n-slide.

  • goodster November 11, 2013

    "and here's the play at the plate,, hhheee's Out!Heee's out,, the game is over!!"

  • honkie365 November 12, 2013

    brisco, we both know that Jesse Jerkoff and Al Shitbag don't give a flying fuck about anyone or anything but their bank accounts. Those two simian cocksuckers lie more than any ten politicians put together.

  • biggertalk November 12, 2013

    ^kill yourself nobody will miss your white ass

  • honkie365 November 12, 2013

    ^^^^^biggertalk, you're scaring me...boo..hoo..

  • kanada November 13, 2013

    ^ Id miss honkie, unlike yourself biggertalk, honkie is funny & informative.

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