Guess What Happens When You Stand In The Road

Either cross, or don't cross. Crosswalk or not, standing in the middle of the street like a fucking target just isn't a good option. And you're about to find out why.

  • pinkdildolickr November 15, 2013

    What the fuck? Does nobody pay attention at all? She didn't hear the car or bother to look and the driver obviously wasn't paying any fucking attention either. She should have went through the windshield and killed the driver too. At least there would be two less stupid fucks in the world!

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  • m1009 November 15, 2013

    Hey lady you dropped your purse, you want me to back up and pick it up for you

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  •   vulture November 15, 2013

    that one way to get a lift

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  • solidbriscoe November 15, 2013


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  • englishgent November 15, 2013


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  • biggertalk November 16, 2013

    you blind piece of honkie365

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  • ciitoris November 16, 2013

    ^Are you really as handsome in life as you are in that avatar?

    I've laid down plenty of upsets, should get the festive season up and running, these fucker's have been in need of someone to get them wound up.

    That englishgent queer is my favourite, he once had a fight with one of my room mates in the forum about there being more english in Australia than there is Europeans, meanwhile my mate is Australian and been all around the world and yet the POM know it all starts to tell hime who really lives in our country.

    Those POMS are quite pathetic

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  • ciitoris November 16, 2013

    ^^Oh look, I didn't realise he was in the room, just be careful bigger talk, you wouldn't want some of the dick cheese to drip from englishgent's uncircumcised dick, it is like acid from a bleeding alien, and will melt right through your avatar and onto me.

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