You Forgot Some Of Your Luggage

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Adam H.
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Ok, which one of you left your dildo in the baggage claim? You better snatch it up before someone else does. I'm sure it's a real hot item.

  • urapnes1701d November 23, 2013

    Either Bigtalk, Biggertalk, or Toreal left that. I'm taking a poll as to which one.

  • screwyou November 23, 2013

    Black trash have no respect for anyone

  • screwyou November 23, 2013

    ^^^ im sorry for the comment!!! i was wrong.... This black and nasty dildo belongs to a big trash thriller park white woman for sure

  • crazyvet November 23, 2013

    I just got a great idea for my next practical joke at Will Rogers World Airport.

  • solidbriscoe November 23, 2013

    Isn't that the dildo that went into space? Wow. That colored dick sure gets around!

  • tonyk November 23, 2013

    Is that a ghetto merry-go-round?

  • toreal November 23, 2013

    You all know the owner of this dildo is a proud white woman. White men can't satisfy their women.

  • fistermister November 23, 2013

    Was that at Dick Cheney International Airport?

  • t0mmy November 23, 2013

    they shouldve taken it to golden coral and put it in the buffet

  • u-235 November 23, 2013

    Wish there was audio to this.

  • rockinron November 23, 2013

    can't be bigtalks its not big enough for his enormous asshole!

  • matv November 23, 2013

    would've been funny if someone grabbed it.

  • englishgent November 23, 2013

    Can you imagine where that things been!!

  • goodster November 23, 2013

    Double OO12, International cock of mystery,,, License Too Thrill!!!!!

  • biggertalk November 24, 2013

    looks like a nigga dick it has to belong to urapnes!

  • dracos November 24, 2013

    sure it's big but as you can see its black and has no will to work

  • missmurder November 24, 2013

    Who the fuck is gonna claim that?! Omg... I feel sorry for the poor bastards that had to handle it and run in through security.. I doubt that shit showed up in their job descriptions.. Lol.

  • m1009 November 24, 2013

    Some pissed offed baggage handler telling everybody "You're all Fucked"

  • ohwickedwendi November 24, 2013

    Maybe they left it behind because it's a haunted dildo?

  • hisam November 29, 2013

    MOHAMAD: did they fall for it?

    MOHAMAD#2: They don't stop laughing!

    MOHAMAD: You idiot! You take wrong remote!

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